Roseanne Barr Nominates Herself As Trump VP Candidate

Who’s the best Trump VP option? ‘Me’
Roseanne Barr Nominates Herself As Trump VP Candidate

Well, pairing up wouldn’t be the craziest thing that either member of the potential ticket has ever done. Ryan Fournier, founder of Students For Trump, recently hopped on Twitter/X to ask, “Who do you think President Trump should choose as his VP pick?” The question got more than 1,000 responses, but the reply that got the most attention was probably this one.

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Comic spitfire Roseanne Barr thinks she’s the logical choice to partner with Trump on the Republican presidential ticket. And why not? She’s got the experience, running for President herself back in 2012 as a Green Party candidate. 

"Both the Democratic and Republican parties are bought and paid for by corporate America and cater to the needs of the highest bidder as opposed to the people they claim to represent," Barr said in a statement at the time. She lost the Green Party’s nomination to Jill Stein, but likely picked up some good politickin’ experience along the way. Heck, she even received more than 67,000 write-in votes.

Maybe that’s why @TheBigMigShow tweeted, “I'll go with Roseanne Barr or Tucker Carlson. Both of them would be outstanding. I would also love to have Roseanne as Whitehouse Press Secretary she would be a Beast!!!”

Others endorsed the move as well, including @TheWarthog61. “You can do your podcast from the Naval Observatory, start packing those bags! #RoseanneforVP2024”

“Early 90’s were awesome and you two had major influences on why that was,” tweeted @jamiedonald1972. @kanifeli co-signed: “would love to see it and it would mean stuff would get done at least.”

But not everyone on X/Twitter is on board. “Appropriate, yes,” said Vegas Conservative (@denstarr4). “Good? Hell, no.”

@martykehoe suspects Barr is playing for the other side. “Why on earth would we want to elect a Hollywood liberal actor? She might be saying some great things now. But she has always been a radical lefty.”

“No!” tweeted @phxTwit. “I like her as a comedian, but not as a VP pick. A lot of what she says, is distasteful. Trump already has a hard time getting the berb women to vote for him. With Barr, they would double down and vote for anyone but.”

It’s not clear if Roseanne was actually throwing her hat in the ring or simply stating that she’s a better candidate than most of the other political bozos out there. But if she was elected, at least we could count on her to preserve our holiday season. CAN THOSE OTHER POLITICIANS SAY THE SAME?

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