‘SNL’ Cast Members Who Never Got A Fair Shake

They wuz robbed, I tell ya!
‘SNL’ Cast Members Who Never Got A Fair Shake

Some SNL cast members seem to come and go before we even get to know their names. That’s why Redditor Tender__Vigilante took to the r/LiveFromNewYork subreddit this week to ask the group to fill in the blank with their favorite “they wuz robbed” cast member: “_____________ Never Got A Chance.” Here’s the subreddit’s choices for SNL comics who never got a fair shake… 

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Casey Wilson

Tender__Vigilante had Wilson first on their list and other Redditors agreed. “Casey Wilson could’ve been a Cecily/Aidy level performer if they kept her on longer IMO,” wrote logicatch. “She certainly has/has the talent.” 

“Before Tina Fey stepped in I thought Casey would've handled Sarah Palin really well,” agreed Wkr_Gls.

But maybe it was all for the best? “Just listened to a podcast with her, and she talked about how devastated she was being fired, but that if she hadn’t, she never would have auditioned for Happy Endings, got the part and then met her husband and had her kids,” said thebebopavenger.

Tim Robinson

The I Think You Should Leave star could dine out for a month on all those upvotes. Most of the comments were simply shout-outs to favorite Robinson lines (BA BA BA BA BA BASKETBALL!), but there was also conversation about his SNL tenure. “I think in regards to people like Tim, there’s a difference between ‘never got a chance’ and just not well suited for the show,” argued AngarTheScreamer.

Billcosbyinspace agreed: “Honestly if Tim stayed on SNL I feel like it would have been a waste of his talents. He excels at weird absurd humor that the show has only begun to feature (and I think the success of ITYSL played a huge role in that). Most of the weird sketches still get cut for time.”

Jenny Slate

Several Redditors suggested Jenny Slate, although the reason for her SNL demise is in dispute. “Jenny had to pay for her cussing sin,” wrote Esteveno, referencing the infamous moment when Slate dropped an F-bomb in one of her early sketches.

Not so fast, corrected u/MeaninglessGuy. “Eh, that really wasn’t it. She’s refuted that rumor. Her style of humor just never vibed with the show. It hasn’t hurt her one bit — she’s having a great career. Some people just don’t fit on this show.”

Paul Brittain

AngarTheScreamer is a fan: “This dude should have had a 5+ year tenure, easy.”

“Lord Wyndermere! Sex ED Vincent,” enthused disicking. “No idea why they got rid of him mid-season so abruptly.”

“He had three recurring characters that I thought were hilarious,” wrote TopHatJones45. “Not sure how much longevity they would have had, but I would not have been upset to get more skits with all of them.”

Aristotle Athari

The recently fired featured player got plenty of love, too. “Team Aristotle get in here!” hollered bud369. “Can’t believe how little he was on the show.” 

I’m also Team Aristotle,” agreed MudkenMan. “I don’t know if he would have worked out, but he deserved another year.”

“Aristotle,” affirmed devilindisguise. “He should have been on this past couple ‘rebuilding’ seasons. I’d rather have him than watch yet another young stand-up read cue cards with no emotion.”

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