Bill Burr’s Wife Nia Hits Donald Trump With the Double Birds Instead of Posing for Pictures With Him Like the Rest of the Manosphere

The cancel culture complainers of comedy Twitter can’t stand Nia Renée Hill’s reaction to Trump’s appearance at UFC 295
Bill Burr’s Wife Nia Hits Donald Trump With the Double Birds Instead of Posing for Pictures With Him Like the Rest of the Manosphere

Unlike most dude comedians with a podcast, Bill Burr doesn’t treat former president Donald Trump as if he is Burr’s favorite character in the TV show that is America — and Burr’s wife, Nia Renée Hill, has even less patience for the future felon. 

Over the weekend, the highly anticipated UFC 295 attracted all kinds of A-listers to Madison Square Garden. As is customary each time Dana White’s fighting league hosts one of their flagship events, a good chunk of the downtime between bouts was spent sticking cameras in the faces of every celebrity in the first few rows, with White’s guest of honor, the legally embattled Trump, taking top billing among the spectators. Trump attended the event alongside White and lead-poisoning poster boy Kid Rock, but when the broadcast blasted Trump’s swollen orange face across TV screens in every corner of the world, a photobomber in the second row ruined the shot — Hill and Burr were seated behind Trump, and Hill gave the former president the old two-finger salute live on camera.

Along with Trump and the UFC itself, Burr is a fan-favorite among angry, reactionary and terminally online men, a point he’s both ridiculed and exploited depending on whether he’s making fun of those guys in a stand-up set or pandering to them in a Netflix movie. Almost immediately after the broadcast caught Hill’s casual bird-flipping of the former president, those fans immediately took to Twitter to lament how their good friend Ol’ Billy Buttcheeks must be so miserable living with a leftist libtard like her. Popular conservative Twitter commentator @amuse, who is followed by Joe Rogan, said of the incident, “After @billburr’s wife, Nia Renee Hill’s hateful display last night many people are calling for Bill to be cancelled. Remember he’s got to live with this hateful woman — surely that is punishment enough.”

The reaction across the so-called “manosphere,” an online community of vaguely conservative dude comics, podcasters and commentators among whom Burr is a bit of an icon, has been one of surprise and disgust that Burr would “allow” his wife to behave in an unbecoming way toward Trump. After all, the track record of male comedy podcasters when they get in the proximity of the former president at a UFC event is pretty spotless in terms of flattering photo ops — Rogan has been a consistent supporter of the former president and has been spotted ringside with him, and Shane Gillis, possibly the most talented Trump impersonator in podcasting, giddily snapped a shot with Trump at a UFC event in July.

Now, following a chilly reception to the Republican figurehead, Hill and her husband face online backlash from the triggered Twitter warriors who usually sing Burr’s praises over his stance on the ever-imposing cancel culture and the hyper-sensitivity of the left. “Donald Trump walked into an arena that holds 20,000 people and 19,999 people were so happy,” wrote Libby Hill, editor of the conservative online magazine The Post Millennial. “And then there was Bill Burr’s wife.” 

Well, every single one of the white-collar criminals at FCI Otisville will be even more excited to see Trump after his sentencing.

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