34 Brutally Hilarious Letterboxd Reviews of Bill Burr’s ‘Old Dads’

‘Old Dads’ has been a big ol’ dud for Burr
34 Brutally Hilarious Letterboxd Reviews of Bill Burr’s ‘Old Dads’

Old Dads is looking more like an old dud for Bill Burr. In it, Burr, who directed and co-wrote the film, plays a middle-aged businessman struggling to keep up with millennial culture. Although it’s Burr’s first time helming a feature film, Old Dads isn’t his first narrative outing. The “comedian’s comedian” previously worked with Netflix on his animated sitcom F Is for Family, which ran for five seasons and nabbed two Emmy nominations. 

The same industry acclaim is unlikely for Old Dads, as it’s been met with mixed reviews by critics and audiences alike. Case in point: Over on Letterboxd, the film currently averages only 2.5 stars amongst the cinephiles and movie freaks. But while many of the reviews were scathing, they were at least funny — some might argue funnier than Old Dads.

1/2 Joe This is one of those movies that plays all day in the background of a barbershop on mute
NoNameLegend Does Burr have a massive tax bill to pay or something? We get it.
Jamers D Time CHANGE Bill Burr and Charlie Day should start a support group for miserable directorial debuts
zigster77 like a 100 minute version of peter griffin doing what really grinds my gears.
1/2 sigjames might be the worst film I've watched this year! and I've watched some trash
lucacianfarani Comedy sketches don't make good scripts.
Michael This is a movie dads will love for all the wrong reasons
1/2 nowbz A movie made for people who think anti-woke jokes are peak comedy & still fell completely flat
1/2 inez a movie for grown men who never got over their daddy issues
Charles As an old dad | was so excited for this film, finally, I'm represented on screen! It made my middle-aged white guy's heart beat just a bit faster. Then, the film started.
1/2 JackDunnn If your 1 of those woke mafia snowflake leftest liberals than Id stay clear of this one, gonna go right over you're head
1/2 lily who let my dad pick the movie on movie night
1/2 Alex Finally, a film for me - A Sons of Anarchy hoodie
1/2 Maxwell Bill Burr has done some great comedy... not this one.
Jordan Middle aged man puts all of his complaints about modern day society into a 102 minute feature narrative film.
Stringer There are maybe 5 people in the history of film who made a successful jump from great stand-up comedian to solid film director and we will not be adding Bill Burr to this list. Waste of my time.
Matt 102 minutes of Bill Burr being edgy about social issues and reductive observational gags already done by the last generation of ageing comedians frustrated about a world passing them by. Yay.
Tyler It's so nice that after all this time movies can still surprise me sometimes. For example, | knew this would be bad, but | was truly shocked by how fucking terrible this is
Servidio PATRON OLD DADS Old Dads 2023 Watched Oct 21, 2023 Caught a good 45 mins of this when | was cooking dinner cause my step dad was watching it in the living room but I think I suffered through enough of it to give it a rating. Bill burr used to genuinely make me laugh but | think he latched onto the times have changed and I'm old and don't get it act way too much and that's the punchline of every single joke in this movie.
umlammy Billy boy what the fuck is this shit?
1/2 god this is one of the worst, most unoriginal, boring scripts i've ever heard in my entire life. the entire thing is just like what so i cant say a slur anymore? agh fuhgeddaboudit!
rob9000 OLD DADS Old Dads 2023 Watched Oct 23, 2023 | was expecting a Bad Moms or Daddy's Home kind of movie from this, a couple of audible exhales through the nose, maybe even a real lol Unfortunately this movie did not come even remotely close. It's filled with a bunch of jokes that you'd find in a comedy from the early 2000s, where people would say Wow, that film didn't age well except they made this movie now
1/2 Luke These dads are so goddamn old. You won't believe how old they are. ANd yet, their jokes are somehow even older. (Katie Astleton deserves better than this.)
1/2 reesed3sou This movie is just old man gets mad at everything in the world because people don't do what he wants he's not like other boys
KevinOnofreo Give me a fucking break
kcjoe80 KC | like Bill Burr's standup, but a handful of his bits stretched out into a thinly plot driven movie didn't work. The jokes are old hat if you've seen any of Burr's standup gigs. While some do garner a few chuckles here, they're nothing you haven't heard before but without the zest and energy of being told in front of a wild audience....
Ethan Jones OLD DADS Old Dads 2023 Watched Oct 21, 2023 Absolutely wild that Bill Burr can go through the whole rigamarole of creating this archaic, bitter, whiny load of nothing without realising it was he, all along, who was being the childish loser. Like, if the entire crux of your crusade against wokeness (or, rather, Empathy) requires mocking things that don't actually happen in real life, and people who don't actually exist beyond the confines of a Twitter thread, then | think you've got no fucking leg to stand on. This is just the unfunny, clawing, irritatingly lazy outburst
Bryce Wish | enjoyed it more but glad Billy gave it the old college try and hope he gets another shot at it But until then, I'll go and fuck myself
1/2 FTRTGlenn Bill Burr is so ridiculously out of touch it makes the movie so fuckin' awkward throughout the entire runtime. | guess he really made it feel like it was written by a guy who is like this, but holy fuck. The color correction is shit, the score is generic and uninspired, and it's not funny. It's so cringe. We get it. You're old. God dammit holy fuck....
1/2 Kevin206 Was hoping for a Bill Burr comedy on Netflix. Instead it was a Netflix comedy with Bill Burr.
1/2 CinemaCollect It's honestly just a collection of Bill Burr's jokes in movie format. Not a bad thing in theory, but the way it is presented here make the jokes not land due to unrealistic situations and unlikable characters. It's hard to see things from Burr's perspective and feel any sort of relatability to him. The film is also way too long. | thought it was almost over halfway through....
viol this movie was striaght butt cheeks sorry billy burrington boutta go see killers of the flower moon W my grandma doe hyped bout dat fr
davidehrlich PATRON OLD DADS Old Dads 2023 1/2 Watched Oct 19, 2023 Like Bill Maher if he were very bald and occasionally funny, 55-year-old actor, rage comic, and blue-collar man of the people Bill Burr is a Joe Rogan liberal whose entire career is based on mocking the hypocrisies of political correctness and telling millennials to get off his lawn. He's the living personification of Principal Skinner saying, Am | so out of touch? No. It's the children who are wrong!, but in a thick Boston accent.
1/2 Ali every time bokeem woodbine came on screen | got up and put my hands up like an exasperated NFL coach on the sidelines and yelled What The Fuck are you doing Bokeem You we're in Fargo Season 2 and now you give me this shit?!! never understood why eagles fans yelled at the tv. | do now
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