You Can Potentially Get ‘The Late Show’ Marquee for Just 10 Bucks

‘Come and meet Dave,’ Letterman says. ‘That’s all I was told’
You Can Potentially Get ‘The Late Show’ Marquee for Just 10 Bucks

David Letterman and Paul Shaffer are reuniting for what might be the world’s best Stupid Charity Trick: For a $10 donation to help Habitat for Humanity, you get a raffle ticket for a chance to win the 20-feet by 8-feet Late Show with David Letterman marquee sign that used to hang outside the Ed Sullivan Theater. Frankly, it’s more fun than humans should be allowed to have. 

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Giveaway Dave (replacing his other nickname, Dave “The Breeze” Letterman) will get the monstrous sign to your home even though, he mentions parenthetically, “I have no idea why anyone would want this.” No matter — Dave and Paul will deliver the sign and install it in your yard so the neighbors can call the police.

But wait, Giveaway Dave’s not done yet! The lucky raffle winner and a pal will get a trip to New York City to guest on “popular Internet show” The Barbara Gaines Show. (Gaines was a longtime Letterman producer who now hosts a YouTube show that looks back on the Late Show glory days.) Rumor has it that Shaffer and Giveaway Dave could show up as well. “Come and meet Dave,” Letterman says. “That’s all I was told.” 

The money (“after expenses,” mumbles Letterman) will benefit Habitat for Humanity, a cause that Paul and Dave have supported since Hurricane Katrina in 2005. How much will they raise this time around? Shaffer claims to be something of a psychic when it comes to predicting these things to the nearest dollar, but he’s no fool. He’s saving the prognostication for a later date, building anticipation for his forecast (and likely giving him a better chance of being right). 

Got a backyard capable of housing a 20’ x 8’ piece of comedy history? (Variety wants you to know it’s one of the side panels, not the even longer center panel, so now you can’t claim you were baited and switched.) You’ve got until the end of the year to donate your 10 bucks — Habitat for Humanity will take more if you’ve got it — at

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