14 Funny Jokes and Bits About Spider-Man

Spider-Man is just as amazing at being a punchline as he is at dropping them
14 Funny Jokes and Bits About Spider-Man

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Radioactive Spider-Man. Is he funny? Listen, buds, he’s got over 60 years of great jokes and duds. No matter what medium, comedians love taking a swing at the web-slinger for silly sketches, jokes or parodies. 

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Here are some of the funniest jokes, sketches and scenes featuring or poking fun at your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man…

If Spider-Man Had an OnlyFans

Peter Parker always had money problems, but he had yet to explore a popular option to make extra cash: OnlyFans.

Broadway Spider-Man Law Firm

When Saturday Night Live saw the news regarding all the injuries sustained by performers and audience members of the failed Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark musical, they knew of one law firm that could get those victims justice (and free tickets to future showings!).

‘Everybody Gets One’

In the world of Family Guy, everybody gets one save courtesy of Spider-Man.

Kyle Kinane Didn’t Get Spidey Sense with His Spider Bite

“I got bit by a spider on Friday. I’m not a fan of comic books, so I can’t make that kind of joke, so if anyone here is a fan of Spider-Man comics, I’d like to know how long Peter Parker had diarrhea before the cool shit started happening.”

Into the Meme-Verse

Spidey Takes the Stand

In an issue of She-Hulk, Peter Parker takes the stand during a defamation lawsuit against noted windbag, J. Jonah Jameson.

When Nature Calls’

Spidey has starred in numerous quick Robot Chicken sketches, including ones asking important questions like, “How does he pee in that costume?” and “Is his Spider-Sense actually accurate at all?”

Spider-Man Kiss

Saturday Night Live shows how awkward the kissing scene in Amazing Spider-Man would have been without some movie magic.

Kevin Hart’s Son Thinks He’s Spider-Man

Hart’s son has a vivid imagination and acts like he has Spider-Man’s web-shooting powers in real life, with Hart playing along to let his son have fun. However, things took a turn when his son got into a fight at camp and tried to use those nonexistent spider powers.

This Marvel Comic Page

This One Giant Hand Webcomic That’s the Opposite of That Marvel Comic Page

Joe Biden Blames COVID on Spider-Man

Like J. Jonah Jameson, President Joe Biden blamed Spider-Man for damn near everything, including the spread of the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

Trolling a Car Thief

In one of the best scenes in the Amazing Spider-Man film franchise, Spidey just jokes around with a car thief and the NYPD as well.

Donald Glover on #DonaldForSpiderman

Glover presented his perspective during the online campaign to have him cast as Spider-Man and the insanity of Spidey fans from both sides, including one commenter suggesting that since the world wants a Black Spider-Man, then they should cast Michael Cera as Shaft.

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