Every Chris Farley Cameo, Ranked

There are no small parts, and when Farley is around, there are no small actors
Every Chris Farley Cameo, Ranked

Before Chris Farley hit it out of the park in feature comedies like Tommy Boy and Black Sheep, he was a quick shot of pure comic adrenaline in other big-screen laughers, many of which starred old friends from Saturday Night Live. Here are seven times Farley found a way to steal audiences’ hearts despite a minimum of screen time… 

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Fine, this Farley bit on Roseanne Barr’s sitcom doesn’t belong on a list of movie cameos, but he generates so many laughs in less than 30 seconds that we couldn’t help but include it. It’s another variation on a bit he called Fat Guy in a Little Coat, a classic that he called back in Tommy Boy.  

Wayne’s World

No big screen part gave Farley less to do, but he still nails his cameo as Security Guy Who Knows Too Much.

Wayne’s World 2

Whoever said, “There are no small parts, just small actors” never met Chris Farley. He kills it as broken roadie Milton in this parody of An Officer and a Gentleman.

Dirty Work

Farley appeared uncredited as Jimmy, the guy who gets his nose bitten off by a Saigon sex worker. This is Farley’s biggest part on the list so far, yet he doesn’t get much to do other than get his nose gnawed off a second time.


Can we really call Farley’s role as Ronnie the Mechanic a cameo? It feels like more than that despite only eight minutes of screen time. However you want to qualify it, Ronnie is our favorite kind of Farley role — an out-of-control maniac on the one hand, a bashful sweetheart on the other. Coneheads’ aliens-out-of-water storyline doesn’t really work but the awkward Connie/Ronnie romance is the best part of the movie.


Wilson the neophyte cop might not even qualify as a funny part in lesser hands, but Farley’s earnest ambition to prove himself worthy as a law enforcer makes this a winner. The guy is clearly in over his head, but just when you think Wilson is too much of a dim bulb to succeed, he improvises with an errant nipple ring to come out on top.

Billy Madison

Once again, Farley doesn’t show up in the credits for his role as Bus Driver, but anyone who saw this 1995 comedy could see the guy was born to steal the show. Farley gets to color with all the comedy crayons in only three minutes of screen time — a mass-transportation volcano about to explode, a would-be Lothario who might never get the girl, a trippy horndog intent on making out with a larger-than-life penguin. It’s the cameo that had “star” written all over it.

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