Will Ferrell Goes ‘Old School,’ Rocks Out at USC Frat Party

Will Ferrell Goes ‘Old School,’ Rocks Out at USC Frat Party

It was another party weekend at USC and what better way to pump up the jam than with Will Ferrell showing up to DJ? He was bringing it back Old School in more ways than one — while spinning at the Sigma Alpha Mu frat party, Farrell dug out the 1982 Survivor nugget “Eye of the Tiger” to get the people on their feet. Um, way to cash in the street cred, Will. Was “Eye of the Tiger” ever a song that people danced to? Did he follow this up with Queen’s rock-jock classic “We Will Rock You?”

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Returning to college parties as an adult old enough to know better was pretty much the conceit of Old School, Ferrell’s first true comedy movie smash. (We don’t count his early cameos or Night at the Roxbury.) Ferrell costarred as Frank Ricard, the newly married man in his 30s who transforms into party animal Frank the Tank when intoxicated.

Real-life Ferrell is partying again at USC but it’s not his first time back — the alum has returned as both a commencement speaker and a donor. This time it was parents’ weekend, likely an annual tradition for the next few years considering Ferrell’s oldest son Magnus is currently a sophomore there. Can we talk about that for a minute? We suppose it’s cool to tell everyone Will Ferrell is your dad, but does any nineteen-year-old want their father turning their baseball cap around and spinning Jay-Z and Kanye West for hundreds of their peers? 


But Magnus is probably used to it. When the aspiring musician performed his first-ever live show last December, Dad showed up to bang along on the cowbell. That surely took the attention off of Magnus, which was either infuriating or (if he suffers from stage fright?) a relief. 


We’ll give Will Ferrell bonus dad points for general enthusiasm. But we have to wonder if all of this “cool behavior” doesn’t come with an ounce of “Knock it off, Dad, you’re embarrassing me!”

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