13 Funny Jokes and Bits from Jamie Foxx

The Oscar winner has had lots of titles in his career, but it all started with ‘comedian’
13 Funny Jokes and Bits from Jamie Foxx

In 1989, Eric Bishop did a comedy open mic on a dare from his then-girlfriend. After noticing that female comics were put on stage first, he created an ambiguous stage name to get ahead on the list. 

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And while the man who the world would come to know as Jamie Foxx has since gone on to conquer every form of entertainment he’s set his mind to — he has an Oscar, after all — his always seems to leave some room for comedy, too. To that end, here are some of the funniest jokes, sketches and scenes throughout Foxx’s nearly 40-year career... 

On Getting Horny During an African Safari

“The first time I saw a giraffe in the wild, I got horny. Because it looked like a woman. It had those long-ass legs and its ass all up in the air. It got those long eyelashes, and it’s looking at me. I said, ‘You’re gonna get a giraffe baby in your ass if you keep looking at me.’”

Getting Coffee in a Car with Jerry Seinfeld

Foxx went on Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and got into how he was humbled after a new comedy star hit the scene: Chris Tucker.

On Ecstasy

Foxx has tried all sorts of drugs, including ecstasy. But he’s not gonna do it again because he experienced a whole new version of going to fuck yourself.

‘The Dating Game’ with Wanda

Foxx first portrayed his recurring In Living Color character, Wanda, in this sketch about the classic dating game show.

‘Maine Justice’

Foxx was a blast portraying a bailiff for a TV court show that clearly takes place in Maine, with its stereotypical Maine accents and alligator attacks from one of Maine’s best-known swamps.

His Impression of Denzel Washington

As a part of the American Film Institute honoring Washington with a Lifetime Achievement Award, Foxx inducted him with a loving speech that included a hilarious impression.

As Motherfuckah Jones in ‘Horrible Bosses’

As a Ding Dong

On Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update, Foxx appeared as a Ding Dong to discuss Hostess’ bankruptcy and the fate of the Twinkie.

Carl “The Tooth” Williams

Another of Foxx’s recurring In Living Color characters was Carl “The Tooth” Williams, a boxer who definitely doesn’t sound like a prominent boxing superstar with a unique speech impediment. (We have to say that so Mike Tyson won’t come after us.)

‘The Jamie Foxx Show’

From 1996 to 2001, much like other comedians of the era, Foxx had his own sitcom. One of the funniest episodes featured Mark Curry (Mr. Cooper himself) as a drill sergeant-esque traffic school instructor.

When He Did a Mike Tyson Impression in Front of Mike Tyson

Speaking of Tyson, on The Tonight Show, Foxx shared with Jimmy Fallon the moment he did his Tyson impression on stage, then got told that the actual Tyson was in the audience. He somehow survived.

‘This Is Your Conscience’


For Shaq’s All Star Comedy Roast 2: Emmitt Smith, comedian Doug Williams attempted to roast the panel (“attempted” being the keyword here), including Foxx. Let’s just say that going after Foxx pretty much cost Williams his career.

The Piano Session

During his special I Might Need Security, Foxx got to show off his vocal skills and piano playing by doing material in an R&B style.

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