‘Rick and Morty’ Season Seven Trailer Finally Reveals Split Voice Actors for Rick and Morty

The identities of the artists replacing Justin Roiland haven’t been revealed, but their voices can be heard in a teaser released this morning
‘Rick and Morty’ Season Seven Trailer Finally Reveals Split Voice Actors for Rick and Morty

In a series chock-full of kooky clones, androids and alternate dimension selves, we’ve finally heard from the Rick and Morty we most wanted to meet — Justin Roiland’s replacements.

This morning, Adult Swim released a new official trailer for Rick and Morty Season Seven that showcased clips from the upcoming episodes, the first of which will premiere on October 15th. Critically, the trailer also gave fans the first soundbites from the “soundalikes” selected to replace the show’s controversial and embattled co-creator and former star Roiland, and the results of the recast are already being hotly debated among the show’s fervently online fanbase.

Though Adult Swim still hasn’t released the names of the actors chosen to fill the most high-profile void in adult animation, we do know that, for the first time, Rick and Morty are being played by separate performers — so the braindead Roiland stans will have twice as many targets to harass.

Also noteworthy in the trailer were the reveals of a handful of fan-favorite side characters confirmed to return in the new season. Dr. Wong (voiced by Susan Sarandon), Squanchy, Revolio Clockberg Jr. (aka Gearhead), Bird Person and Ice T were all shown to appear in upcoming episodes — or, at least, some dimension’s version of them. 

The majority opinion of commenters on both YouTube and in the massive Rick and Morty fan forum on Reddit is that the voices are “good enough,” though some have opined that the actor for Rick sounds to be straining to imitate his predecessor much more than the more naturalistic Morty. 

For Adult Swim’s part, its representative told The Hollywood Reporter, “We want the show to speak for itself,” noting of the move to keep the identity of the actors a secret, “We believe in the strength of the season and our new voices and we want to preserve the viewing experience for fans.”

Though we still know nothing about the new artists behind the title characters, our “viewing experience” will undoubtedly be preserved by the possibility that we’ll be able to comfortably watch Rick and Morty without receiving push notifications about the stars starting with the words “New Allegations.”

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