20 Underrated Movies You Should Definitely Check Out

‘Noises Off!’ is worth your attention based on the cast alone
20 Underrated Movies You Should Definitely Check Out

There are so many movies, you guys. Times used to be that only a couple dozen movies would be released in theaters by the major studios every year, but now, between indies and streamers and BuzzFeed Originals and whatnot, there’s a seemingly infinite supply. Most of them are gonna slip through the cracks, even though they’re probably better than the latest installment of Mission: Impossible that you’ve seen four times.

Either way, Redditor Masspoint is definitely greedy for all of ‘em. They’d previously asked their fellow Redditors for recommendations, and “the best movie I got was Das Boot,” they said. “I don’t even like war movies, but because someone recommended it and emphasized how good it really is, I thought why not, and I had a three-hour blast.”

And so, they had no choice but to re-ask r/movies, “What ‘really good’ but ‘lesser known’ movies would you recommend?” and Reddit, of course, came through for them once more.


Near Dark

The Fall


Strange Days

Big Trouble

Stalag 17

Chungking Express

The Way Way Back


The Salton Sea

A Most Wanted Man


In the Mouth of Madness

Prince of Darkness

The Proposition

The Straight Story

Noises Off

Bone Tomahawk

Drop Dead Gorgeous

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