Gordon Ramsay Is Making a TV Show Out of His Best Meme

Do you have what it takes to be an ‘Idiot Sandwich’?
Gordon Ramsay Is Making a TV Show Out of His Best Meme

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is best known for beratement and beef Wellington, but his newest TV show will focus on his biggest contribution to internet cuisine: the “Idiot Sandwich.”

When Ramsay appeared in a segment called “Hell’s Cafeteria” on The Late Late Show with James Corden in early 2015, he played up his caustic onscreen persona while pitting Corden and TV personality Julie Chen Moonves against each other in a competition to see who can fail to cook an omelet the funniest. Halfway through the sketch, Ramsay slaps a piece of bread on both sides of Chen Moonves’ face and screams at her, “What are you???” to which she replied in a trembling voice, “An idiot sandwich.” Just like that, a meme was born that would surpass “It’s f–ing raw!” and “Finally some good f–ing food” as the funniest Ramsay meme of his entire entertainment career.

Eight years later, Ramsay still hasn’t calmed down, and when he appeared on the cover of PEOPLE earlier this week, he revealed the second course of “Idiot Sandwich” — an actual sandwich-making competition show. Hold onto your bread.

“‘Idiot Sandwich’ is a unique meme,” Ramsay told PEOPLE. “James Corden is a dear friend, and we were doing a little Hell’s Kitchen skit, and we were just playing around.” Ramsay didn’t know at the time that the sketch would lead to permanent internet virality and yet another competition show further down the line, but, now, he recognizes the enormous impact it’s had on his public image.

Said Ramsay, “It’s really weird, isn’t it? Because wherever I go, there’s some young kid somewhere who wants to be called an idiot sandwich.” Always making the best of the ingredients on hand, Ramsay realized the potential of the meme and started planning a cooking competition where contestants would compete for the title of “Idiot Sandwich” by making him the best dish possible between two slices of bread.

“Are you an Idiot Sandwich? If so, can you prove it to me live?” Ramsay taunted, adding, “You don’t need to be a chef to apply.” According to the official Idiot Sandwich application form, “The person whose sandwich impresses Chef Ramsay the most, will walk away with a cash prize and the ultimate title, being crowned Gordon Ramsay’s Idiot Sandwich! ALL levels of culinary skills will be considered to take part.”

If it sounds strange for Gordon Ramsay to expect people to compete for the honor of bringing him food just to be insulted, remember – James Corden’s been doing the same show at every restaurant in New York, minus the cash prize.

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