13 Great Jokes About Cooking

Chow down on a smorgasbord of punchlines these comedic minds have cooked up
13 Great Jokes About Cooking

At some point, cave folk decided to put something next to a fire and thought, “This tastes better.” At least, that’s what the caveman would’ve said if they knew English

In any event, over the centuries, humankind has come up with new experiments and methods to feed themselves — for taste, for nutrients and, in some cases, to show off their fanciness. Along the way, cooking has not only whipped up some quality food but quality food for thought. And the dessert course to all that thinking is jokes.

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Thus, here are some of the funniest jokes and bits that have been cooked up about cooking.

‘I Have All Sorts of Stuff in the Fridge’

Baroness von Sketch Show explains that just because you have food doesn’t mean you know how to prepare food.

Jo Koy’s Relationship with Rice

“Rice was fucking everything to me. Rice was breakfast, rice was lunch, rice was dinner. I know there’s a lot of people like, ‘Oh, Filipinos eat breakfast?’ Yes, we do! It’s just last night’s dinner with an egg!”

Felipe Esparza on Lard

“I’m Latino; we cook with lard. My mom put it on with everything: bacon, egg, ham. I had a heart attack when I was 12.”

The Swedish Chef Makes Chocolate Moose

The classic Muppet chef has been borka-burgin’ and schloopa-shloppin’ since 1975 with his haphazard recipes, including his version of chocolate mousse.

The Kids in the Hall Discuss Food

The Kids in the Hall get into a commentary on how ingredients and condiments have changed and how the variety and choice of food have expanded over the years. It makes a Canadian mom feel left behind.

‘Robot Chicken’s Celebrity Chef

Robot Chicken shows what would happen if Gordon Ramsay hosted a cooking show featuring cooks from your favorite animated shows. Yes, it does end with violence and craziness; why do you ask?

‘Saturday Night Live’s Holiday Baking Championship

Saturday Night Live demonstrates that baking competitions might not be a good idea in practice, as well as asks the important question: Why is anything brown?

Why Jimmy O. Yang Makes Bento Boxes Every Day

Homer Simpson’s Moon Waffle

Key & Peele Break Down Cooking Competitions

Sometimes, cooking competitions can employ misdirection so often for dramatic turns that it can be really confusing.

‘Saturday Night Live’s Anal Retentive Chef

SNL highlights how you don’t have to follow a recipe to a tee, along with how it’s important to seek help if your culinary specificities are interfering with your life.

Maria Bamford Learns How to Cook

Maria Bamford gets primal about how it feels to learn how to cook as an adult. She also sees an extra dark side to Paula Deen’s recipes.

Conan O’Brien and Norm Macdonald Cook with Gordon Ramsay

Just watch the futility of it all and laugh.

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