Ah, the beauty of language! How wonderful it is to be able to express ourselves, our thoughts, and our feelings in so many different ways. In this list, we explore the fascinating world of language and the power of words. We dive into the depths of the French language to find préservative, a word that can refer to a condom, and discover that, uh, Street Fighter’s Guile is a horndog in Germany? Is that right? Whatever, we also explore the Dutch lull which means “dick,” and the Croatian “kara” which is a vulgar term for a penis. We learn the German puff which is a colloquial term for a brothel, and the Portuguese peidei which means “to fart.” We discover the Norwegian pikk which is a slang word for “dick,” and the Korean seolsa, which means “diarrhea.” So, join us on this journey of discovery as we explore the many faces of language and the power of words!

German’s got a word for it: Geil.

GUILE &?#!* Geil is a German word that is used to describe something as being randy, horny, or lecherous, but it is also used to give compliments. CRACKED



What do you know: another penis!

KARA &?#!* Kara is a vulgar Croatian term for a penis. CRACKED

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