17 Hilariously Mean Gordon Ramsay Insults

‘My granddad’s flip flops have more texture’
17 Hilariously Mean Gordon Ramsay Insults

With 58 restaurants and 7 Michelin stars to his name, it’s safe to say that Gordon Ramsay knows a thing or two about throwing down in the kitchen. But what he’s become best known for is the larger-than-life, rambunctious version of himself that he plays on reality cooking shows like Hell’s Kitchen, hurling everything from plates to insults at staffers and contestants alike when a dish isn’t up to his impossibly high standards. Their pain is our gain, though, as Ramsay’s acerbic wit is undeniably funny. 

It’s so funny, in fact, that over on Twitter, complete strangers playfully share photos of their most awful homemade meals in the hopes of getting roasted by him, too. Here are some of the celebrity chef’s most hilarious responses over the years, as well as a few choice cuts from his panoply of TV shows…

“It’s Master Chef, not masturbate.”


“You do seriously surprise me — surprise me as to how shit you are.”

“I don’t want my guests eating on an installment plan.”


“My granddad’s flip flops have more texture.”


“You’re running around like a baby rhinoceros trying to have a shit.”

“I’ll stick a GoPro up your ass, so you can see how fucked you are.”

“Concentrate. Listen. Four minutes to the window. One spaghetti of lobster. One scallops. Now would you like me to fucking email that to your BlackBerry?”


“You seriously charge $300 to teach people how to make that crap? I feel like I need some plastic wrap around my ass.”


“Fuck off you, you fat, useless sack of fucking yankee danky doodle shite.”

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