13 Darkly Funny Jokes About Student Loan Debt

Allow us to help you laugh the pain away
13 Darkly Funny Jokes About Student Loan Debt

Student loans are the shackles that have held back generations from achieving their financial goals and, in some cases, prevented them from even dreaming about hitting certain life milestones. It’s terrible and depressing; so of course, we have to try to find any way to laugh at the pain of those never-ending payments.

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Here then are some of the funniest jokes about student loans...

Snake’s Big Score

On The Simpsons, career criminal Snake finally shakes off his debt with one armed robbery.

Zoidberg’s Woes

Look, even doctors on Futurama have trouble keeping up on payments, Mr. Millionaire.

Tone Bell Makes Student Lenders Owe Him

Bell intentionally overpaid his last student loan payment to get what he always wanted: The ability to call them to pay him back.

Adam Devine Would Orally Please a Man to Pay Off Student Loans

‘The Menu’ Sides with the Working Class

The chef in The Menu traps a bunch of wealthy elites into his restaurant for a mass killing but is willing to spare those who have student loans. They’ve been punished enough.

Conan O’Brien’s Assistant Is Pro-Student Loans

On Conan, O’Brien’s assistant, Sona Movsesian, had a message for President Joe Biden after he didn’t cancel $50,000 of student loan debt from borrowers.

‘College Humor’ Says to Not Pay Student Loans

Listen, not paying student loans is something angels, devils, grandparents, bankers, your future children and stained mattresses all agree on.

Chloé Hilliard’s Critique of Kamala Harris’ Plan

Kamala Harris came up with this new idea for debt forgiveness for student loan debt. But it’s so hard, and it’s so complicated. You gotta fill out paperwork. You got to start a business in an underprivileged, underserved neighborhood. That’s work! First of all, that’s how we got student debt in the first place: signing shit we didn’t read.”

‘Saturday Night Live’ on Elizabeth Warren

SNL’s Weekend Update had Kate McKinnon make her Elizabeth Warren impression to discuss college debt forgiveness. After all, she needs to make good after that squirrel family incident.

Neal Brennan Doesn’t Understand the Economics of College

“Student loans are basically small business loans, and the business is you. And you’re maybe not such a great business.”

‘The Daily Show’ Breaks It Down

On The Daily Show, Trevor Noah touched upon how the student debt crisis has even impacted Social Security pensioners.

Maria Bamford Used Her Commencement Speech Payment to Pay Off Students’ Loans

On Conan, Bamford shared that she was asked to give a commencement speech at her alma mater and asked them to pay up, especially since her degree didn’t really achieve anything for her. In a classy move, she used the money to help pay for other students’ loans so they wouldn’t get stuck.

Hasan Minhaj Knows We’re Still Doomed Anyway

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