23 of the Most Unforgettable Movie Scenes Ever

‘The Graduate’ ending forever altered how we see two people at the back of a bus
23 of the Most Unforgettable Movie Scenes Ever

Human memory is a funny thing. Under the right circumstances, we can convince ourselves that we remember vacations we’ve never taken or that the American Pie franchise was good. On the other hand, sometimes movies we haven’t seen in decades leave more of an impression on us than those we saw last week. Like, could you tell us anything that happened in Theater Camp?

That’s definitely the case for Redditor Fin_al. (For the most part — we don’t know if they saw Theater Camp.) They mused that they sometimes “have trouble remembering scenes from movies I’ve seen recently. … And yet there are other scenes from much older movies that have a permanent place in my memory.” That might be because it melted their face off with how much ass it kicked, but it also might be because it was “too much for (them) at the time.” After all, we all remember watching Child’s Play and setting all our dolls on fire, right? (Just us?) 

Either way, they asked r/Movies for “the most unforgettable scene(s) from movies you've seen,” and there was laughter, tears and one very confused kid who’d never see Star Wars. 


American History X

Jurassic Park

The Graduate

The Mist

American Beauty

​​Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope

Children of Men

Saving Private Ryan

The Usual Suspects

Pulp Fiction



The Big Lebowski


No Country For Old Men

Kill Bill: Volume 1

History of the World, Part 1

Reservoir Dogs


Inglourious Basterds


Toy Story 2

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