8 Products from ‘SNL’ Fake Commercials We’d Love in Real Life

8 Products from ‘SNL’ Fake Commercials We’d Love in Real Life

From the high-fiber digestive detonation of Colon Blow to the liquid lunch made possible by the Bassomatic, Saturday Night Live has served up literally hundreds of commercial parodies making fun of the crap our televisions constantly try to sell us. But from time to time, those fake ads are hawking products that we really wouldn’t mind spending a few bucks on. 

Here are eight products from SNL fake commercials that we’d secretly love in real life… 

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Amazon Echo Silver

Whether it’s an aging parent, a beloved grandmother or even an older co-worker who refuses to take the damn pension, everyone has to deal with seniors who can’t quite figure out even the simplest technology. Not only would we welcome Amazon’s Echo Silver, but we’d also take Silver editions of cellphones, smart TVs and car navigation devices if they somehow could be gray-proofed. 

Einstein Express

What could be more practical than a device that allows you to ship documents and packages back in time — you know, when you really needed them. We’re guessing the technology on the Einstein Express has been upgraded since this mid-1980s parody — in the ad, it looks like a cross between a pizza oven and an egg-hatching incubator. But as long as it gets the job done, we’re in. 

Swiffer Sleepers

We’re not joking about this one. Kid pajamas are practically Swiffer Sleepers already, so let’s put those rugrats to work. Hardwood floors don’t clean themselves, Junior.

Mom Celebrity Translator

Consider this one a companion to the Echo Silver, another device that just might make intergenerational communication a little easier all around. Do they make one for fathers who love Jerry Steinfield?

Glitter Litter Automatic Litter Factory

Like Swiffer Sleepers, we’re all for products that put our household’s least contributing members to good use. And if cat feces can help bring in a little extra cash? Put us down for “yes, please.”


Look, we’re not any happier about it than you. But summer is over for all practical purposes, which means cold and flu season is just around the corner. And it’s not just stubborn viruses — stressful holidays, freezing weather and only a handful of daylight hours promise to make the next few months miserable. Wake us up when it’s time for March Madness.

Lil’ Poundcake

Why deal with screaming kids at the pediatrician’s office when you can vaccinate at home the Lil’ Poundcake way? After all, no kid is too young to join the fight against sexually transmitted diseases like HPV. And Lil’ Poundcake smells like frosting!

Little Chocolate Donuts

Technically, Little Chocolate Donuts are already an actual product. We’d like some anyway.

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