7 of the Funniest ‘I Quit!’ Scenes in Movie History

7 of the Funniest ‘I Quit!’ Scenes in Movie History

Who among us hasn’t thought about dramatically quitting a job they hate? Just sitting in a cubicle playing the scene out in their head as they avoid doing whatever mundane task they were hired to do for a boss who they will never respect. For most of us, that dream is never realized and the pencil-pushing continues onward. But at least we can live vicariously through the wonderfully defiant movie characters below, who truly did quit their jobs in spectacular fashion. 


Perhaps the most enviable of quitters, Wesley’s last hurrah in Wanted allowed him to do what many people on Twitter have long dreamed of doing: whack Chris Pratt in the face with a keyboard. 

Burn After Reading

When Oz is demoted at the start of Burn After Reading due to a suspected “drinking problem,” he uses it as an opportunity to call out the bureaucratic kiss-assery of the CIA. He even goes as far as to say that his demotion is a “crucifixion” (complete with Jesus-like gesturing) before leaving on his own accord.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Asking someone how much money they make is usually seen as gauche, but it got Donnie Azoff a new job. When stockbroker Jordan Belfort showed the children’s furniture salesman a monthly pay stub for just a hair over 70 grand, Donnie reacted the way anyone would — he picked up a (pay)phone and immediately quit his sales gig.


Tired of the mistreatment at the hands of New York City’s worst residents, cabbie John Winger stops in the middle of the Queensboro Bridge, tosses his keys into the East River and ultimately pursues greener pastures in the military.

Office Space

In Office Space, Joanna expresses her occupational displeasure with the flair of a middle finger. This one goes out to anyone who has ever been talked down to for not going above and beyond the call of duty at a minimum-wage job.

Jerry Maguire

Before he can embark on his journey as an independent sports agent, the titular Jerry Maguire must quit his job at his soul-crushing, deceptive agency. But after giving an impassioned speech in the hopes of rallying his co-workers to join him in his new venture rooted in care and connection, all he’s left with is Flipper the Goldfish and a 26-year-old single mother.

Half Baked

Few quitting scenes have felt as rewarding as the overworked and underpaid Scarface’s in Half Baked. When the perpetual stoner and newfound businessman quits his job at His Royal Beefiness, his sudden resignation is served with a flurry of F-bombs and a beef patty to the face. The scene was even referenced in Britney Spears’ 2011 “I Wanna Go” video and brought full circle with a cameo from Guillermo Díaz himself.

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