Twitter Chooses Their Favorite ‘Simpsons’ Film References

Twitter Chooses Their Favorite ‘Simpsons’ Film References

If an iconic old movie doesn’t have a Simpsons parody, can it really be considered a classic?

For the past 33 years, Matt Groening’s flagship comedy series has had its four yellow fingers on the pulse of motion pictures — at this point, a Simpsons homage is about as prestigious as an Oscar for any filmmaker with a sense of humor. From Planet of the Apes to Citizen Kane to Stanley Kubrick’s entire filmography, if a movie has a scene worth satirizing, The Simpsons did it. 

Through 750 total episodes, the number of references to classic films made by The Simpsons range comfortably in three figures, so choosing a favorite is no small task, which is why we let Twitter do it for us. In a post by @ManuclearBomb titled simply, “Favorite Simpsons film reference — Go!” the internet listed their favorite funniest Simpsons movie homages, with apologies to the multimillionaire artists whose work didn’t make the list. Might as well just scrape their stars off of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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