The ’Simpsons’ Subreddit Selects the Best Moments When Mr. Burns Didn’t Know Homer’s Name

Simpson, eh? Never heard of him
The ’Simpsons’ Subreddit Selects the Best Moments When Mr. Burns Didn’t Know Homer’s Name

There’s no second chance for a first impression — unless, of course, you’re Homer Simpson.

Over his three-plus decades of work at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, Safety Inspector Simpson has overseen enough catastrophes, calamities and near meltdowns to make Anatoly Dyatlov blush bright green. Putting the single most incompetent worker in Springfield in charge of preventing a potential world-altering nuclear accident was one of the Simpsons writers’ best decisions — and one of Mr. Burns’ worst. 

However, in his many years of subpar service, Homer has, astoundingly, failed to make an impression on the man whose luxurious life and livelihood are too often interrupted, threatened and occasionally saved by one of his dumber organ banks in Sector 7-G.

Thankfully, the superfans of the Simpsons subreddit assembled to choose their picks for the most unforgettable moments in which Montgomery Burns couldn’t remember Homer’s name. Here are their top choices…

‘Who is that lavatory linksman?’

‘Who are you?’ – ‘Mr. Burns!’ – ‘Oh, I’m so sorry, Mr. Burns, I won’t bother you again.’

‘What’s the name of this gastropod?’

‘I wonder if this Homer Nixon is any relation’

‘Better keep the egghead, he just might come in handy’

‘Well then, get back to wherever it is you work, whoever you are’

‘After I was attacked by an unidentified assailant’

‘Simpson, eh?’ – ‘Yes sir, all of the recent events in your life have revolved around him in some way’

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