13 Funny Jokes About Video Games

These jokes are final-boss-level hilarious
13 Funny Jokes About Video Games

Video games have evolved at a rapid pace over the last 50 years. I mean, who would have ever guessed that something as simple as Pac-Man would mature into something as sophisticated as Final Fantasy XVI? But that’s just the old Millennial in me talking. So let me stop complaining and get back to the topic at hand: Many comedians have put their love and frustration of video games into their acts, sketches and TV shows to create hilarious material for nerds and regular folks alike.

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So before you pick up your Switch, take a look at some of the funniest jokes and moments regarding your favorite video games.

‘SNL’s eSports Coverage

Saturday Night Live imagines sports pundits covering eSports tournaments. It’s… very different.

Kanan Gill Got an Epiphany from ‘Grand Theft Auto’

Gill enjoyed the freedom GTA provided, but at the same time, stuck too closely to the objectives. This caused him to ponder not only what he was doing while playing the game but what he was doing with his life.

Jackie Kashian Loves Violent Video Games

“There’s a rule with video games: The more horrifying the storyline of a video game, the more fun the video game. That was the rule; I didn’t make that rule. If there were a video game in which you stabbed babies in their sleep, it would be horrifying, but I’d be in my room going, ‘Eh-eh-eh-eh, I win!’”

Donkey Kong House

After Chris protests that Donkey Kong is a terrible video game (along with some commentary regarding microtransactions) on Family Guy, he and Peter decide to take things to the next level. Yes, that was a bad video game pun; we can move on now.

‘Saturday Night Live’s Tournament Fighter

Fighting game tournaments can be incredibly competitive, especially when it comes to which character you’re gonna use. Just don’t pick Boo Boo Jefferies.

‘The Simpsons’ Commentary on Video-Game Parenting

Bart gets a little too potty-mouthed and bloodthirsty playing certain video games, so Homer and Marge intervene, displaying the typical modern parental dilemma.

Roy Wood Jr. Thinks ‘Street Fighter’ Is Beautiful

“If you play Street Fighter, it was a brilliant game. This game was so bare-boned and basic. Two strangers meet in a public place and just whoop each other’s ass. There’s no journey; there’s no quest; there’s no person, no princess to rescue in a castle. It’s just two dudes at a fish market going:

“‘Hey, I heard you was talking shit. Would you like to fight?’

“‘Yes, I would. You wanna come back tonight when it’s closed?’

“‘No, let’s fight right now, during business hours!’”

Kumail Nanjiani on ‘Call of Duty’

“My issue with (games like) Call of Duty is that they’re based on real wars, like World War II and shit. Which feels weird to me because real people died, and I have to kill them all over again.”

The Smashing Games

The folks at Robot Chicken took Super Smash Bros. lore and Hunger Games lore, then merged them together to see what could happen. Then animated it with toys and clay. Enjoy!

Jo Koy’s Mom Beat Him at ‘Wii Sports’

Koy’s mom basically sharks him at Wii Sports even though she never remembers the name of the console. Don’t let her age and meekness fool you; she’ll kill you at bowling.

‘Saturday Night Live’s Gritty ‘Mario Kart’

The Last of Us proved that video games can be adapted into prestige TV shows. But maybe not Super Mario Kart

Raiders of the Lost Arcade

As part of Futurama’s “Anthology of Interest II,” the crew of the Planet Express has to help Earth defend itself from a video-game reference invasion from the planet Nintenduu 64. If you grew up playing arcade games from the 1980s, this bit is for you.

Dara Ó Briain Loves ‘Metal Gear Solid’

Ó Briain loves playing MGS, especially when Solid Snake’s commander Col. Campbell passionately yells out, “Snake? Snake! SNAAAAAAKE!” every time Snake dies. Well, the issue is that Ó Briain dies a lot, and he wonders what Snake’s espionage team would think of him if an actual spy behaved like Ó Briain.

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