14 Cut Ideas Too Mad Even For The 'Metal Gear Solid' Series

A comprehensive look into concepts even Kojima felt were too much for the wildest series in gaming.
14 Cut Ideas Too Mad Even For The 'Metal Gear Solid' Series

Oh, our readers think the Metal Gear Solid saga that we got is weird? Many would be surprised to learn that there was actually a vetting process behind it all, one that left a lot of stuff considered too weird even for MGS behind.

The original ending of the series was the dumbest thing imaginable


The original ending of MGS4 would have had Solid Snake and Otacon turning themselves over to the authorities and getting executed for their crimes, of, ugh.. saving the world?! They ended up canning this ending because absolutely everyone in the development team hated it.

Kojima wanted players to get evaluated by an actual Artificial Intelligence


As spotted by DidYouKnowGaming, MGS2 was supposed to feature an AI that would gather player data for a while, then tailor a unique gameplay experience for each and every player. Good thing Kojima ended up going all anti-surveillance at some point because that sounded hella creepy

Metal Gear Solid 3 nearly went full-on Guantanamo Bay


Metal Gear Solid 3 had an interactive torture sequence but Konami decided to cut that out because much like the NY crash scene in MGS2 that took place months before 9/11, this would come out at a time when the US was taking heat for, as Obama would later put it, “torturing some folks”.

Voice comms ahead of their time


There was a plan to have players interact with the game via voice commands whispered to a microphone, but those ended up only coming to fruition in a much more recent project, 2015's P.T., the playable teaser for the canceled Silent Hills.

The longest boss battle in the history of video games


The fight against the sniper called “The End” was meant to last WEEKS. Good thing they ended up coming to their senses when they found out it just wasn't fun at all and ended up making it pretty much an optional battle we can finish by changing the date on the console.

MGS2 almost used a butt for a jumpscare


There was almost a scene in MGS2 where players would look up to find a bare butt pointing at them. Kojima wanted to scare players, leading them to think they would get pooped on. He ended up never being able to implement that in the game because all of his workers kept on saying they were “too busy” to do that.



In the final version of MGS2, we have to play as a very-naked Raiden who can only resort to his hands to cover his tiny gear. Originally, Kojima wanted it to be possible to accidentally reveal Raiden’s penis, which would immediately lead to a Game Over screen.

Snake's master had a really weird way to do battle


MGS3’s final boss, aptly called The Boss, was originally meant to fight with one boob out to symbolize that she could both kill and feed at the same time – or at least that's the reason Kojima gave to hide the real weird sex reason behind it.

There was almost a very spicy Dead Or Alive cameo


Kojima originally wanted Metal Gear Solid Online to have the girls (and only the girls) from the Dead Or Alive series as playable characters. They had to contend with the girls from Konami's Rumble Roses series.

MGS4 was going to be too complex in pointless ways


Even though the campaign takes place in just a short few weeks, Kojima wanted MGS4 to feature a realistic ecosystem that would see trees grow and die. Good thing they ended up scrapping that because we already know how little players care for realistic environments in games.

The setting for MGS4 had a lot of GTA DNA


Kojima wanted MGS4 to feature a huge play area and to take place during a three-way war and players would get the chance to side with each of the warring countries or just go their own way. This already felt like way too much to have in the game, but Kojima also wanted to have civilians on top of that. Can you tell this man was just playing too much GTA back in those days?

Aisha Tyler


The Beauty & The Beast Unit, the bad women from MGS4, were originally meant to be naked and were even naked during some motion capture sessions even though that would’ve made absolutely no difference for the final product.

MGSV Was going to have a mission based on Lord Of The Flies


The mission would pit the main character against Eli and his small army of child soldiers, but it ended up never coming to fruition. The closest we can get to playing it is watching a surprisingly complete fan restoration.

Hell, MGSV Was going to have a whole other chapter


The game we ended up getting only features two chapters, but MGSV was originally meant to feature a third chapter called “Peace”. Unlike the other “cuts” from this list, this one wasn't intentionally done by Kojima after noticing he was going too far, but rather imposed by the head honchos at Konami right before firing Kojima from the company. This cut is especially sad because it left the game without a really good sense of closure.

Anyone interested in learning more about Metal Gear Solid cut content should head over to DidYouKnowGaming’s Youtube channel, as they have worked hard to come up with the best encyclopedia on the subject that we have ever seen.

Anyone interested in more Kojima Shenanigans should look into Kojima's very own podcast, Brain Structure.

Top Image: Konami

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