Drink in 8 of the Best ‘SNL’ Beer Commercial Parodies

‘This is the kind of beer someone brings to your house for a party and it sits in your fridge for eight months’
Drink in 8 of the Best ‘SNL’ Beer Commercial Parodies

In a 1998 Saturday Night Live sketch, Will Ferrell is a straitlaced college student until he gets outfitted for the Brew Dude, a “kick-ass party hat” that guarantees you’ll rule any party. 

And thus, Old School was born.

Just fill it with beer — but which beer? Luckily, 48 seasons of SNL commercial parodies have given us plenty of fake brews to choose from.

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Sam Adams Jack-O Pumpkin Ale

This seasonal beer delights the kind of generic customers normally found in commercials, but when it’s chugged by a real Bostonian (Bill Burr)? “Jesus Christ! What the (bleep) is that?” Swallowing a couple more tall glasses doesn’t help. “This is the kind of beer someone brings to your house for a party, and it sits in your fridge for eight months. Then one day your buddy comes over: ‘Hey, you got a beer?’ I’m like, ‘Well, we got this pumpkin (bleep).’” 

Schmitts Gay

Better with the original Van Halen music than the generic rock version they use on YouTube, but this was a surprisingly straight take on gay beer. Rather than making fun of gay people, Farley and Sandler are just … gay. So much funnier this way, and boy, are they happy to be at this pool party. (Substitute girls in bikinis, and this was pretty much a dead-on Coors Lite commercial circa 1991.)

Budd Light

There’s no better way to bring out your best than busting your opponent in the mouth with a hockey stick. Cheers!

Where You’re Going

Back when the term “yuppie” was brand new, those who aspired to the venture-capitalist lifestyle were already identified as punch-in-the-face candidates. Doing better at everyone else’s expense? Enjoy your aimless greed now, a-hole, because you’re going to hell. (Extra laughs for Anthony Michael Hall looking like a 12-year-old in a business suit.)

A.M. Ale

When you need a friend who don’t ask questions, grab a cold morning bottle of A.M. Ale. “Because you can’t wait ‘til afternoon.”

Coldcock Malt Liquor

It’s all just talk unless it’s the one they call Coldcock. POW! Tim Meadows, you are one malt-liquor picker!

Spud Beer

We’re dialing it all the way back to SNL’s first season for this commercial parody about Spud, the beer that made Boise famous. That’s comedy writing legend Alan Zweibel as the guy undergoing electroshock therapy. 

Tres Equis

It’s not easy being the son of the most interesting man in the world. That’s why he drinks Tres Equis, which is one Equis better than his dad’s beer. The recipe? Two parts Dos Equis and one part none of your business. 

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