Crime Spree on the Set of ‘Beetlejuice 2’ Sees Props Constantly Disappearing

Saying the name of the stolen goods three times hasn’t produced results
Crime Spree on the Set of ‘Beetlejuice 2’ Sees Props Constantly Disappearing

The set of Beetlejuice 2 is haunted — but not by Michael Keaton.

No, the tormentor (or tormentors) of the 35-years-overdue sequel aren’t supernatural by nature — at least to the best knowledge of the police officers of East Corinth, Vermont. After production for the Tim Burton-directed Beetlejuice 2 was halted by Hollywood’s multiple strikes and with the iconic house in the sleepy East Vermont town unoccupied by tenants living or dead, burglars have been helping themselves to everything from props to sculptures to construction materials.

Earlier this week, it was reported that the spooky sculpture featured in a scene from the first film went missing from the set along with other props — then, just yesterday, Vermont police reported that windows from the mid-deconstruction house were stolen from a separate storage location at a local ski hill. Since they’ve pretty much stolen the entire set, the thieves might as well just finish the movie themselves.

“We tried saying the name of this stolen statue three times, but it didn't come back!” the Vermont State Police instagram account posted when the crime spree first began last Friday. The set’s unsuccessful security guards claimed that “someone in a pickup truck” nabbed the pivotal prop along with a pumpkin-topped lamppost. 

As for the missing windows, the construction materials were in the process of being donated to the local ski resort when they disappeared — though the police have not explicitly stated that the two crimes are linked, even the most opportunistic of looters don’t just steal a half dozen windows without some inkling of where they came from and when they’d be stealable.

So c'mon Vermonters, do some good and be on the lookout for “someone in a pickup truck.” How many can there be - in Vermont?

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