Norm ‘Normstradamus’ Macdonald Predicted Golf Champ’s British Open Victory Five Years Ago

Norm ‘Normstradamus’ Macdonald Predicted Golf Champ’s British Open Victory Five Years Ago

Norm Macdonald predicted Brian Harman’s victory at the British Open this past weekend five years before the golfer won his first major — O.J. better keep his nose clean for a few weeks, just in case Macdonald made some other prophecies.

The late, great Macdonald was a common sighting at PGA Tour events during his later years as Canada’s greatest comedy export eagerly observed the up-and-coming stars of golf. Macdonald’s uncynical passion for the sport was apparent in his encouraging tweets toward some of these prospects that lacked all the irony and crass misdirections of Macdonald’s usual posts as the comic foresaw success for them. This past weekend, some of those soothsaying words of support went viral after a five-year-early prediction proved that old Normstradamus has still got it, even two years after his passing. 

As the PGA Tour itself pointed out on Twitter (or X now, I guess), Harman, their newest champion, who won a $16.5 million purse at this past weekend’s event at the Royal Liverpool Golf Club, earned the Norm Macdonald seal of approval all the way back in 2018. In a brief exchange, Macdonald defended the 5-foot-7 golfer from demeaning comments about his comparatively diminutive stature, saying that Harman was “overdue to win” a major championship. This past weekend, that check finally cleared.

Congratulations to Harman, clearly Macdonald saw in him five years ago what the rest of the golf world sees now. Since Macdonald is sadly no longer around to advise Harman in this exciting new stage of his career, let me pass along some advice that I think he’d want any newly crowned sports superstar to hear — don’t kill your wife and a waiter.

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