‘I Think You Should Leave’ Fans Are Helping Biff Wiff Pay for His Cancer Treatments

‘I Think You Should Leave’ Fans Are Helping Biff Wiff Pay for His Cancer Treatments

Character actor Gary Crotty, better known by his stage name Biff Wiff, was hospitalized in May as he battles the side effects of a year-old cancer diagnosis. The actor, who has shown up in everything from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia to Brooklyn Nine-Nine to Everything Everywhere All at Once, announced the diagnosis in an Instagram post with a link to a GoFundMe fundraiser set up by Friends of Biff on his behalf. They shared their plea and urged potential donors, “Let’s help Biff get better, so he can continue making the world a more beautiful place.”

While Wiff is one of many workhorse actors in Hollywood who doesn’t necessarily get their due, he recently took off as a niche internet darling thanks to his appearances on Netflix’s I Think You Should Leave. That community of fans in particular, whose love of referencing the sketch show’s quips and zingers knows no bounds, helped put a significant dent in the fundraiser goal of $300,000 (though it’s still about 215k short). 

Along the way, many donors made reference to the Shirt Brothers sketch, where Wiff and I Think You Should Leave’s creator Tim Robinson were donning the same exact shirt. Some also shared their own experiences with cancer and how Wiff helped them through their battles. One such donor wrote, “I fought cancer and broken bones in 2022 — I know you could use the help. Happy to have recovered from all and laughing with you on TV in 2023!” 

In an update last month, Wiff shared his gratitude for the outpouring of support and further detailed his journey: “Hi everyone. Thank you so much for all the support. It has really been lifting me up. I just couldn’t believe this kind of support would come my way. It’s been a crazy journey, working so much last year, and then having these symptoms come back.” 

“I hope you’re all enjoying the latest season of I Think You Should Leave! Tim did a really great job,” he continued. “Thanks again shirt brothers. Hope to get out of here soon.”

If you can’t contribute to Wiff’s GoFundMe, at least promise me a million times that you’ll send along a Shirt Brothers picture to keep him going.

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