13 Dark Humor Jokes About Death

Even the Grim Reaper has a funny bone
13 Dark Humor Jokes About Death

With the exception of actors/vampires Nicolas Cage and Keanu Reeves, we’re all gonna die. That’s the lingering fear uniting us all, regardless of race, creed, religion or class. (Before someone brings up clowns, realize that our fear of their kind is based on them possibly causing our demise.) Make no mistake, death is coming for us without regard to time, or how we’d prefer it knock at our door. In short, it will happen. So might as well laugh about it.

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Which, of course, we’re happy to help with. To that end, here are some rippling dark humor jokes regarding life’s ultimate punchline…

Ty Davis Was the Side Widow

Davis explains her experience at the funeral of a man she dated for 10 years… who was married to someone else. Needless to say, awkwardness ensued, but she got what she wanted.

Sarah Silverman’s Near-Death Experience

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Silverman discussed her time at the hospital, which started with her thinking, “I have a sore throat,” and ending with her thinking, “Oh my God, I’ve been kidnapped by ISIS.”

‘Baroness Von Sketch Show’ on Emily Dickinson’s Last Words

The people behind Baroness Von Sketch Show understand how death can be a gross process and the difficulties in ensuring that your last words are indeed your final ones before actually passing on.

‘The Kids in the Hall’ Discuss the Mundanity of Near-Death Experiences

Hearing about your friend recovering after being clinically dead for several minutes is interesting — at least the first time.

Anthony Jeselnik on His Grandmother’s Death

“My great-grandmother threw herself in front of a bus. Police tried to say she was committing suicide, but the family knew she was trying to stop civil rights.”

Andrew Santino Doesn’t Want to Die Nude

“I don’t want to die naked. Dying naked is my biggest fear. I don’t care how professional the paramedics are, there will be one who walks in late, the goofball, and while they’re doing their due diligence, he walks in and goes, ‘It’s not even that cold in here.’”

Lewis Spears Tells a Prince Philip Joke, Only to Find Out That He’s Died

As Australian comedian Spears does a bit about the Royal Family, including a joke about Prince Philip, an audience member shares that Philip just died during his set. Like the pro he is, Spears doesn’t let the Prince’s death stop him from riffing and continuing on with his material.

‘Saturday Night Live’ Asks You to Be Specific About Scattering Remains

Listen, you have to make sure the funeral/end-of-life instructions specifically mention cremation — and that the urn doesn’t contain soup.

Norm Macdonald Knows What Happens Right After You Die

‘SNL’ Knows Death Can Happen at Any Time

It’s hard when the gang gets together to mourn the passing of a dear friend. However, things get a little weird when it’s the third time within the week.

George Carlin’s Eternal Brilliance

Ever the philosopher, Carlin breaks down humanity’s fear of death (well, the process, not the aftermath), along with the dark wordplay and the mystery of it all.

‘Saturday Night Live’s Toilet Death Ejector

Everyone hopes that they can die with dignity. SNL has an idea of how to make that a reality — sorta.

Richard Pryor on How He Wants to Die

“I want to die like my father. My father died fucking. He was 57; woman was 18. He came and went at the same time.”

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