Is This Seemingly Profane Na’vi Term Really Disney-Approved?

Those blue people sure have a way with words
Is This Seemingly Profane Na’vi Term Really Disney-Approved?

If James Cameron has his way with his growing empire, there might be a new language that the menacing green owl over at Duolingo can threaten us into learning. In between hawking the recently released 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray of Avatar: The Way of Water, the Avatar social media team has been using the film’s accounts to continue fleshing out the lore established by the first two movies. In this particular instance, they’ve been giving daily vocabulary lessons on the words used by the Na’vi.

Yesterday’s word of the day was a beautiful one, and one that everyone should hold near and dear to their heart. It was the Na’vi word for courage: titstew

No, this isn’t a portmanteau, nor does it appear to be a joke or social media blunder. It’s a seemingly authentic, Disney-approved term. Given Cameron’s documented horniness for the Na’vi, we’re not necessarily surprised. Naturally, the now-deleted tweet spurred a number of jokes and memes at the Avatar social team’s expense. 

While the word itself isn’t pronounced as it looks to English speakers — and its creation probably has a thoroughly researched etymological reasoning — surely they could have come up with quite literally anything else. The existence of titstew also begets the existence of something more sinister like cocksoup

Either way, should any hardships present themselves as you go about the rest of your day, hopefully you have the titstew to change the things you can. 

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