16 Facts About James Cameron and His Movies

The man, the myth, the maniac.
16 Facts About James Cameron and His Movies

James Cameron has had the film career that several auteurs could only dream of. Not only can the man create cinematic art, but he has mastered the blockbuster without the public feeling like he is shortchanging the creative aspect of filmmaking with the commercial reality. Terminator, Aliens, Titanic, Avatar, the list goes on and on. As of this writing, Avatar is being re-released this month in theaters to make way for its upcoming sequel.

But while you may be a fan of his films, there may be some factoids about James Cameron you don’t know about. There are also some behind the scenes facts about his movies that you probably missed out on as well. What better way to know a person’s films than by knowing the filmmaker themselves? It might be time for all of us to find out more about James Cameron together, shall we?

Here are some facts about James Cameron and the movies he directed and created.

O.J. Simpson in 'The Terminator'

CRACKED.COM CSM-101 James Cameron and his movies Не denies that O.J. Simpson was considered for The Terminator. Arnold Schwarzenegger has been telling that story for years, but according to Cameron himself, Arnold is literally just wrong.



James Cameron and his movies Не drew all of Jack's sketches in Titanic. In fact, you can see his hand drawing Rose. CRACKED.COM


'The Terminator'

CRACKED.COM James Cameron and his movies The Terminator was born from a fever dream.  came from a dream that I had while I was sick with a fever in a cheap pensione in Rome in 1981. It was ... a chrome skeleton emerging from a fire. When I woke up, I began sketching on the hotel stationery.


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