17 Directors And The Things They Hate

Sometimes, you just have to vent about Batman in tights.
17 Directors And The Things They Hate

In an era when Hollywood blockbusters rake in billions, it would seem that the movie business is booming. But while attendance at theaters is on the rise, the money studios make from those tickets is dropping. In order to combat this trend, studios are increasingly relying on profits from home video and TV licensing deals to make up for shrinking box office returns. This has directors—the people responsible for making movies—feeling frustrated as they see their creative visions sidelined in favor of safe bets and marketable formulas. While some directors are able to adapt and work within the confines of a studio system, others are choosing to go their own way, financing their films themselves and bypassing Hollywood altogether.

Do you know who directs your favorite movies? Most people don't unless they're film buffs. Movie directors are the masterminds behind the camera, responsible for putting together all the pieces that make up a movie- from the cast and crew to the setting and story. Some directors are more well-known than others, but all of them have a unique vision that shapes their work.

 There are many things that a director may hate, but there are a select few that seem to come up time and again. From dealing with difficult actors to constantly having to raise money, here are some of the top things directors hate.

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