Reminder: James Cameron Was Thirsty For 'Avatar's Na'vi

Being giant, blue, and not real isn’t a dealbreaker for the filmmaker.
Reminder: James Cameron Was Thirsty For 'Avatar's Na'vi

We’ve talked a lot about James Cameron in the past; specifically, his talent for making great movies … and also his other talent for being a huge dick while making said great movies. But there’s another aspect of Cameron’s career we’d like to shine a blacklight on; since the trailer for the upcoming Avatar: The Way of Water is now playing in theaters, let us preemptively ruin it for you by discussing Cameron’s disquietingly intense sexual attraction for the Na’vi. Which … explains a lot.

We’ve mentioned previously how the designs of Avatar’s giant blue Pandorian natives were created, in part, thanks to Cameron ensuring that all the horny artists working on the film would “wanna do it.” Concept artists even admitted that the creatures were styled purely in order to appeal to the director’s sexual predilections. Which is a weird way to make a movie. Really, only the guy who made T2 and Titanic could get away with telling a room full of professionals to create for him his own personal alien Smurf crush.

And in an interview with Playboy, recently shared on Twitter by critic Valerie Ettenhofer, somehow things got even grosser; Cameron bragged that his female Na’vi protagonist was “smoking hot” and designed specifically such straight males “won’t be able to control themselves.” He also claimed that one of his provisos for the female Na’vi character was that “She’s got to have tits,” despite the fact that this ultimately makes no sense since these aliens “aren’t placental mammals.”

And just a quick reminder that this movie was made by a major studio for more than $200 million, not by a sweaty ‘80s producer working out of the back of a tinted van. Hopefully, for the sequels, Cameron will spend a little more time on the story and a little less on the weird, male gazey, interspecies thirst traps. 

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