Frank Caliendo’s ‘Seinfeld 2037’ Is As Funny As It Is Uncanny

The iconic impressionist had the best take on the familiar premise of ‘Seinfeld But It’s the Future’ all the way back in 2007
Frank Caliendo’s ‘Seinfeld 2037’ Is As Funny As It Is Uncanny

Move over, Matt Groening, Frank Caliendo is officially a comedy time-traveler.

Ever since Seinfeld went off the air 25 years ago, fans of the show about nothing have been trying to continue the spirit of the series in future eras with homages such as the popular Twitter feed “Modern Seinfeld” and the infamous, Jerry-despised, Twitch-banned hell realm of “Nothing, Forever,” the infinitely-generated A.I. Seinfeld stream that exploded and quickly shuttered at the start of the year. 

Despite entertainment technology’s many advances since Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer went to prison a quarter century ago, we have to travel back to the late George W. Bush administration to find the best example of futuristic Seinfeld ever created — Caliendo’s Frank TV perfected the formula for TV time travel back in 2007, and the comedic chameleon himself reposted the sketch on his Instagram account last week for posterity. 

The sketch was originally titled “Seinfeld 2027” when it first appeared on the TBS sketch series, but with the original flash-forward date quickly approaching and no hover shoes in sight, Caliendo apparently decided to move back the date another decade, which is fair practice for fiction’s great future-seers. George Orwell would probably add a couple years to the title of 1984 if he lived longer, since Twitter didn’t ban Donald Trump’s account until 2020.

From the set to the costumes to, of course, Caliendo’s iconic impressions, “Seinfeld 2027” is one of the most impressive parodies of the legendary sitcom that we’ve seen. That said, it hasn’t impressed everyone. Jason Alexander of all people joined Caliendo’s comment section to ask the question, “What, no Elaine?”

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