14 Dark Humor Jokes About America

14 Dark Humor Jokes About America

U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! 

We Americans love this country, don’t we? Many of us root for the home team, celebrate the Fourth of July decked out in red, white and blue and enjoy the freedoms Hulkamania fought for us. After all, we are the best at everything! Except when it comes to poverty, health care, racism and… Look, we’re still working on it. Because while Americans have plenty to be proud of, there’s plenty of darkness that needs addressing, too.

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So as we do some self-reflection while eating barbecue this summer, we present a few of the best dark humor jokes regarding the good ol’ U.S. of A...

‘Family Guy’ on Why Men Should Still Run the Country

Gina Yashere Prefers American Racism

“I prefer good ol’ fashioned American racism. It’s in your face; you know where you stand with American racism. You guys have even made movies to let me know where I’m welcome and where I’m not. For instance, I know I’m never going to Mississippi. I’ve seen the films!”

Jim Jefferies on America’s Obsession with Terrorism at Airports

The Australian Jefferies discussed the moment he felt the most American: When he voluntarily complied with the U.S.’s TSA bomb-inspection policies at an Australian airport.

Patton Oswalt on KFC Famous Bowls

“America has spoken: Pile my food in a fucking bowl; I don’t give a shit. I just want a light brown hillock of glop. I want a failure pile in a sadness bowl.”

‘An American Tail: Fievel Goes to Vietnam’

U.S. Customs Courtesy of ‘Saturday Night Live’

SNL went over the new customs process for entry into the U.S. Sadly, they’re not very far off.

Wanda Sykes on the Metric System

Sykes discussed how the world moved on with the metric system, whereas kids and teachers in the U.S. cried and fought against it so now we have doctors that need to tell patients their “diagnosis in fruit.”

‘Mr. Show’s Reparations

Mr. Show presents a sketch demonstrating how the country would probably handle doling out reparations to Black Americans for slavery. Or at least what Mississippi would do.

Bill Burr on America’s Response to COVID

Daniel Tosh on Being Impressed with Black Americans

“There’s nothing more shameful in our country’s past than slavery. But I’ve grown up in a generation where I have idolized Black people my entire life. They’re better at everything. So the fact we’ve pulled off slavery…”

Christopher Titus on the 2020 Election

“I could not believe we were fighting each other over these idiots? And that’s why we were pissed with each other? Families were breaking up. You guys do get that we get a new idiot in four years, right? You’re gonna need your family to wipe you in 20.”

‘Kids in the Hall’s Ode to America

“In America, where spelling doesn’t count, but people’s pets do!”

Key & Peele Get Real About American Foreign Policy

George Carlin on the American Dream

“It’s called the ‘American Dream’ because you need to be asleep to believe it.”

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