32 Tweets That Had Us Doubled Over With Laughter Last Week

32 Tweets That Had Us Doubled Over With Laughter Last Week

It’s been quite the week. Early Sunday morning, a portion of the I-95 in Northeast Philadelphia collapsed after a gasoline-bearing tanker truck passing beneath it burst into flames, which Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro described as “remarkable devastation” that will be a logistical nightmare for months to come. After the Eagles, Union and Sixers postseason runs, the bridge marks the fourth collapse in recent months for the region. Adding to the canon of unbelievable events that only happen in Philly, Shapiro announced that the rebuilding of the I-95 will, for some reason, be live-streamed.

In a crushing blow to grandmothers everywhere, Pat Sajak announced that his final spin on Wheel of Fortune is imminent. He took to Twitter to share that the 41st season of the iconic game show will be his last. While there’s no word on who will replace Sajak, Whoopi Goldberg already has her eyes on the “big money” gig. 

Over at McDonald’s, Grimace is celebrating his birthday. To honor everyone’s favorite Gemini, the fast-food chain is offering a commemorative meal that comes complete with your choice of a 10-piece McNuggets or Big Mac, fries and a mystery purple-colored shake. With the restaurant not listing a flavor on their menu or the app, it’s left people wondering: Are the employees in back milking Grimace? We’ll happily add that to the list of McDonald’s many crimes.

Peppered in between, we’ve had these funny tweets, including an interior-design choice that needs to be seen to be believed, the late Cormac McCarthy’s wife’s vaginally holstered weapon and irrefutable proof that a certain twice-impeached former president will always be the ultimate shitposter.

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