Tig Notaro Talks Through Her Cosmically Oblivious Wheel of Fortune Answer

Tig Notaro Talks Through Her Cosmically Oblivious Wheel of Fortune Answer

Even for a comedian who hosts a Funny or Die series literally titled “Under A Rock,” Tig Notaro’s attempt at solving the puzzle on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune was fantastically oblivious.

Earlier this week, Notaro joined Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show where she talked through one of the more mind-boggling performances on Pat Sajak’s classic game show. Before allowing Notaro to promote her part in the Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon-starred romantic comedy Your Place or Mine, Fallon demanded answers from the deadpan comic regarding her October appearance on Wheel of Fortune and how she came to the conclusion that the answer to the puzzle in question could have possibly been “Crashing my exorcist bill.”

“I'm not going to be humiliated on national television,” Notaro told Sajak shortly after she humiliated herself on national television. Notaro's request of “Can we edit my guess out?” went thankfully unanswered while stand-up star Nikki Glaser and Thomas Lennon of Reno 911! tried and failed to maintain their composures. 

It's not just the fact that “Crashing my exorcist bill” is a completely nonsensical phrase that makes this an all-time great dumb answer in Wheel of Fortune history – it's also because Notaro managed to craft such exquisite gibberish with only five letters left to go in the puzzle. The monotone comedy icon somehow found a rare combination of English words that both fit the puzzle and couldn't be further from correct.

We fully expect to hear that Notaro has been playing Wordle since it launched and still hasn't solved a single one.

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