Michael Bublé Honors TikTok Sketch That Made Him ‘Cry for 20 Minutes’ During Arena Show

Bublé surprised a pair of Australian comics with backstage passes after their hilarious rendition of ‘Just Haven’t Met You Yet’ went viral
Michael Bublé Honors TikTok Sketch That Made Him ‘Cry for 20 Minutes’ During Arena Show

Usually, when someone cries to a stirring rendition of a Michael Bublé song, that person is, well, anyone besides Michael Bublé. 

The Canadian crooner is currently touring across Australia — presumably because it’s almost Christmas time in the southern hemisphere — and fans of the traditional pop titan who came to see him perform jazzy standards at the Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney this past Saturday were treated to a surprise screening of a comedy sketch that made Bublé “cry for like 20 minutes” when he first saw it.

The video in question is by Sydney-based comedy duo Granny Flat Comedy, who posted the sketch barely two days before the concert. Shortly after, Bublé discovered the delightful TikTok and reached out to gift the pair backstage passes and arrange for them to attend their very first stadium screening.


“Geniuses come out of nowhere and change your whole life,” Bublé began at the arena show. “Last night, I was laying in my bed and I saw something and it moved me. I have never started a concert like this, but tonight is different. So ladies and gentlemen, I want to take you to my bedroom last night.”

Bublé played the sketch to uproarious applause before introducing his guests of honor, loudly declaring to the stadium staff, “Bring these boys some more booze!” 

Bursting with gratitude, Bublé affectionately addressed the Aussie audience, saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, to me, that’s what this country is about, that’s what you people are about ― it’s humor, it’s self-deprecation and kindness, and weird sexual energy.”

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