Rob Schneider Stand-Up Special to Explore Poverty in America — JK, It’s About Woke Culture

‘Rob Schneider: Woke Up in America’ will explore the dangerous disease that has crippled the country these last few years — wokeness
Rob Schneider Stand-Up Special to Explore Poverty in America — JK, It’s About Woke Culture

In a country where 38 million people live below the poverty line, Fox News and Rob Schneider have teamed up to wield the power of stand-up comedy against a word that they can’t even define.

The term “woke” was once used in African-American Vernacular English (AAVE) to mean “alert to racial prejudice and discrimination,” but, in recent years, it’s been attached to everything from science textbooks, beer cans, libraries, the existence of Black people and the entire West Coast. Critically, “woke” has also been the boogeyman for middle-aged stand-up comedians who once got away with squinting their eyes and shouting vaguely Asian gibberish in feature films without criticism, but now find that the market for uncreative, unoriginal lowest-common-denominator comedy is limited to audiences on the right-most end of the political spectrum.

In the last year, many of these comics have caught on to this trend and made the prudent business decision to take a fat check from Fox Nation to shit out an hour of stand-up in which these brave artists rail against the invisible and undefinable enemy who “silenced” them by not watching their last Netflix specials. On June 18th, Schneider will join the ranks of the “You can’t say anything!” comics who don’t have anything to say.

The special, titled Rob Schneider: Woke Up in America, was filmed in Tampa, and reportedly covers topics such as UFOs, filming a movie with Donald Trump, and, of course, the ever-inscrutable influence of “wokeness” in our country’s exhausting culture wars. “From Saturday Night Live to feature films to sold-out shows, Rob’s ability to connect with audiences has made him a multi-generational star,” Fox Nation president Jason Klarman said of Schneider in a statement announcing the special. “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to add his talent to Fox Nation with this all-new hilarious and unfiltered comedy special.”

Over the last 10 years, Schneider has become one of the loudest and consistently uninformed voices in the “conservative comedy” movement, railing against vaccines and “cancel culture” on every available social media platform while simultaneously claiming to be silenced. Schneider’s insistence that the entertainment industry has ostracized him for his beliefs is visibly at odds with the credits section of his IMDB page, but this Fox Nation special may finally allow him to get all the cancel culture complaining out of his system that his 2020 Netflix special and two-season sitcom on the same platform couldn’t.

If not, I'm sure some kind of “wokeness” will be to blame.

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