20 Funny Stories About Getting Dumped

These breakup tales have a ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ quality to them
20 Funny Stories About Getting Dumped

Whether it’s done amicably, through an email or by walking in on your partner getting busy with someone else: getting dumped sucks. If movies have taught us anything, it’s a formative moment that can shape the decisions you make for rest of your life. 

In movies, we see main characters using breakups as fuel to get into Harvard Law against all odds, or undergoing a neurological procedure that erases the memories you shared with your former significant other from your brain. Unfortunately, real life usually doesn’t have those extreme redemption arcs, no matter how bonkers the breakup may be.

Along those lines, Westworld actress Shannon Woodward recently took to Twitter to ask “what’s the worst way you ever got dumped?” and while a lot of the responses were understandably tragic, there were at least a few that found a way to make light of a shitty situation.

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