Adam Sandler Carries More Than Anybody in Basketball, According to the NBA Commissioner

Adam Sandler Carries More Than Anybody in Basketball, According to the NBA Commissioner

The multi-hyphenate, multi-hundred-millionaire entertainer Adam Sandler has been described throughout his career as a “triple threat” — but none of those threats is dribbling.

It’s no secret that The Sandman loves basketball. A born-and-raised Knicks fan, Sandler’s latest career arc can loosely be described as “Adam Sandler makes a critically-acclaimed movie as an excuse to hang out with NBA players on camera.” With lauded performances in Hustle and Uncut Gems, Sandler’s passion for all things ball has paid off for his reputation as a serious dramatic actor and in his bank account. Add to that, depending on The Sandman’s production schedule, the public basketball courts of Long Island, Los Angeles and Toronto could see Sandler lace them up and play pickup with a pack of unsuspecting ballers on any given afternoon.

In the lauded sports documentary Space Jam, another middle-aged white comedian, Bill Murray, put up an inspiring effort to lobby Michael Jordan for a spot in the NBA, which landed Murray a roster spot on the Toon Squad in the most impactful basketball game of the 20th century. Sandler will have a harder path to basketball glory — NBA commissioner Adam Silver himself just dissed Sandler’s game on The Dan Patrick Show.

“You know who carries the ball more than anybody?” Patrick asked his prestigious guest. Silver replied without hesitation, “Adam Sandler.” Over the last few years, multiple clips of Sandler hooping with strangers have gone viral, and the video evidence is damning in favor of Silver’s accusation that Sandler carries the ball more than LeBron carried the 2018 Cavs.

Patrick proposed to The Commish, “You know what? I’m going to get Sandler to do a PSA for the NBA on an anti-carrying program.” Silver sardonically replied, “It could have a double meaning, by the way,” referencing his hints that star Grizzlies point guard Ja Morant may be facing a hefty suspension for multiple gun-related controversies in the past season.

Well, Sandler can speak on gun safety as well — he and Steve Buscemi could teach Morant about the consequences of flashing a handgun irresponsibly by cutting a PSA from Buscemi’s buzzer-beater in Billy Madison.

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