Greg Gutfeld Declares War on Gamers

A clip of Gutfeld giving gamers a metaphorical swirlie went viral, much to the gamers’ chagrin
Greg Gutfeld Declares War on Gamers

He targeted gamers. Gamers.

Since the start of the writers’ strike on May 2nd, Greg Gutfeld has enjoyed unprecedented attention as the only late-night host to cross the picket line and continue hosting his weekly show. However, there is one group whose bespectacled eye he should be wary of catching, due to their sheer propensity for taking offense and turning it into an online harassment campaign that earns the Nixonian naming convention “-gate” — I speak, of course, of online gamers.

A clip from an April episode of Gutfeld! went viral on Instagram and Twitter within the past couple days for a particularly unoriginal but oddly tickling dig on the mouse-and-keyboard warriors who frequent the messaging platform Discord, where allegedly classified documents were leaked from the Pentagon last month. Gutfeld put on his nerd-punching pants to deliver a jab at Discord’s reputation for hosting gaming communities who definitely don't get nearly as many chicks as him, and now, over a month later, gamers on the internet are finally emerging from the locker in which Gutfeld shoved them to punch back.

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