Nothing Is More ‘Gutfeld!’ Than Announcing Your Divorce on ‘Gutfeld!’

Nothing Is More ‘Gutfeld!’ Than Announcing Your Divorce on ‘Gutfeld!’

It’s traditional for newlywed couples to publish their wedding announcements in the local newspaper – but at Fox News, anchors declare their divorces on Gutfeld!

Last Thursday on the Family Values™ network, late-night star Greg Gutfeld hosted a Valentine’s Day-themed panel segment. The talking heads disparaged the day for its empty commercialism, and newscaster Julie Banderas decried the “Hallmark holiday” with the revelation that she is ending her 13-year marriage, a surprise newsflash that was met with a round of applause from the audience and performers. “Congratulations are in order,” Banderas boasted.

Gutfeld! is the perfect place for Banderas to brag about leaving her husband – nothing says “conservative comedy” more than trashing the sanctity of your own marriage in a segment designed to make soon-to-be-divorced men feel smugly satisfied about their decision not to buy their wives flowers.

In the full clip posted on Yahoo! News, Gutfeld asked Banderas if she thought she was going to get anything for Valentine’s, to which the Fox News contributor proclaimed “F— Valentine’s Day! It’s stupid. Even when I was married I didn’t get s— for Valentine’s Day.”

A shocked Gutfeld asked, “Wait, are you no longer married?”

“Well, I’m getting a divorce. I’m going to go ahead and say it right here for the very first time. Thank you everyone!” Banderas said, telling her host, “That was breaking news, man!” 

The announcement was prefaced by a tweet Banderas made earlier that day which teased, “Tune into @Gutfeldfox tonight at 11pm ET. I have a little announcement at the end of the show. (During the Valentines Day segment ironically)” 

For a show that sneers at anyone who dares disagree with the sanctity of marriage conservative worldview while boasting about their bold, brash and unflinching approach to confrontation, there isn't a better way for Gutfeld! to celebrate the holiday of love than with a divorce.

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