Viral Tweet Claims Jim Carrey Has ‘Absolutely Zero Haters,’ Many, Many Haters Quickly Arrive to Prove Otherwise

Even Mr. Rogers wasn’t safe from the hordes of haters
Viral Tweet Claims Jim Carrey Has ‘Absolutely Zero Haters,’ Many, Many Haters Quickly Arrive to Prove Otherwise

It started with a question: “Who are some celebrities with absolutely zero haters?” Before long, nasty stories that threatened to sully our perceptions of everyone from Jack Black to Keanu Reeves to Mr. F—ing Rogers began flooding in before the question’s actual answer became clear — “Nobody.”

In today's age, there exists a strata of celebrity whom hordes of Twitter stans will defend against even the most innocuous criticisms as if they are personal attacks on the entire Danny DeVito Army. Online discourse over movies, music and TV is largely centered around the millions of parasocial relationships with actors whose only part in forming the fake friendships was to appear in a couple good movies in a row, or perform some public act of kindness that went viral.

In a Twitter thread that started yesterday evening and exploded this morning, a roundup of this higher class of internet darlings from across the celebrity landscape attracted the equal and opposite force of haters — many of them disillusioned stans themselves — who arrived, guns blazing, to tell us exactly why we shouldn’t venerate Ace Ventura simply because he makes us laugh. Apparently, when Jim Carrey said, “Somebody stop me,” these users took that as a challenge.

So far, there hasn't been a single celebrity listed that nobody has come out to hate, but Carrey is clearly the catalyst for the majority of the momentum in the pendulum swing from celebrity worship thread to mass public shaming. Commenters have focused on Carrey's outspoken advocacy of debunked anti-vaccination conspiracy theories, and many references have been made to the ugly circumstances surrounding the suicide of his ex-girlfriend, Irish makeup artist Cathriona White. Add the on-set horror stories from the making of Man on the Moon and the thread is enough to give anyone pause before pressing play on Dumb and Dumber.

While much of the negativity in the thread is centered around the content of Carrey's character, the “positive” side of the celebrity morality alignment conversation exposes just as much rot in the relationship between celebrities and the public in the internet age. Even the most altruistic, personable and charitable celebrities who supposedly have “no haters” are still, ya know, people, complete with all the flaws and insecurities of an A-lister that could make anyone snap at a limo driver on a particularly bad day. While it's hard to imagine Tom Hanks jumping on the anti-vax bandwagon or attacking Jerry Lawler backstage, even Forrest Gump is a single slip-up away from creating a horde of haters who can't accept that America's dad would be anything less than perfect.

The internet's collective unconscious is apparently unable to comprehend the fact that, despite any notable figure's public persona or the number of gossip columns written about celebrity breakups, you can never actually know a famous person who will never know your name, and passing objective moral judgements on strangers (including Carrey) in the self-assignment of “stan” versus “hater” is an exercise in futility. 

When push comes to shove, anyone who would waste their precious few moments on this planet arguing with randos on Twitter over which celebrities do or don't deserve haters is just a loo-hoo-ser-her.

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