Danny DeVito Cardboard Cutouts Are the New Christmas Trees

The man himself has officially signed off on the use of ‘Christmas Dannys’
Danny DeVito Cardboard Cutouts Are the New Christmas Trees

Let’s face it — Christmas trees are falling out of style fast. They’re costly, messy, massively flammable and slowly dying remnants of the holiday’s pagan influences.

There is, however, a tasteful alternative — a growing contingency of Twitter users have turned to using cardboard cutouts of legendary actor, director and comedian Danny DeVito for their holiday decorations. These sleek and stylish symbols of cheer and goodwill are quickly becoming a trendy staple for Christmas-loving It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans, and the big man himself has signed off on the use of Christmas Dannys to adorn households in string lights and holiday cheer:

Of course, some DeVito devotees are using their Christmas Dannys in conjunction with a traditional tree, but it shouldn’t be long before the majority of Christmas celebrators recognize the Christmas Danny as a tasteful and environmentally friendly alternative to the now-tacky tradition. Christmas Dannys are reusable, and unlike artificial Christmas trees, they are appropriate decorations for any season — you can drape your Christmas Danny in an American flag for the Fourth of July, throw a jack-o-lantern on his head for Halloween, even stuff him in a turkey suit for Thanksgiving.

This does raise the question, however, of where presents should be placed — the Christmas Danny doesn’t have quite the overhang of a tree, so unless you stack up your presents and put the Christmas Danny on top, it won’t quite serve all the functions of a Christmas tree.

That’s assuming you want to give any presents at all — you can always take the Frank Reynolds path and give everyone a big box of nothing.

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