Jason Lee Is Trending to the Disappointment of ‘My Name Is Earl’ Fans

Jason Lee Is Trending to the Disappointment of ‘My Name Is Earl’ Fans

Jason Lee is trending on Twitter. Sadly, not that Jason Lee — unless you’re an avid follower of celebrity gossip media and give a shit about which singer wore knockoff Gucci slides.

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Gossip columnist and Hollywood Unlocked CEO Jason Lee stirred up online controversy yesterday evening by revealing that R&B star Tamar Braxton told him that singer and Real Housewives of Atlanta regular Kandi Burruss wears knockoff designer clothes, but that’s not why you clicked. Like many My Name is Earl fans, I was excited to see that comedy and TV star Jason Lee was trending on Twitter, only to find that, no, MNIE isn’t due for a reboot, and there’s no news of Mallrats 2.

The good news, however, is that the Jason Lee whom the internet demands be tried at The Hague isn’t the skateboarder who popularized the 360 kickflip before starting his acting career in a Sonic Youth music video. No, that Jason Lee hasn’t pissed off anyone — at least without making amends. Lee fans, take a breather, take a walk, maybe pick up a lotto ticket while you’re out.

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