John Cena Says ‘Barbie’ and ‘Fast X’ Are Basically the Same Movie

John Cena Says ‘Barbie’ and ‘Fast X’ Are Basically the Same Movie

Barbie and Fast X, the two presumably biggest blockbusters of the summer, share a lot of similarities – they both will feature John Cena, they filmed on the same street, they both have, um, cars, they’re both movies… basically the same thing.

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The WWE megastar appeared on The Today Show earlier this week to talk about the strange turn events that led to his brief appearance as a merman in the Barbie movie, quoting Bob Ross by calling the casting a “happy accident.” Cena stars in Fast X, set to premiere this Friday, which was partially shot “across the street” from the Barbie set where Cena ran into Margot Robbie and pitched his talents to Barbie herself, landing the aquatic cameo.

“I think that Barbie and Fast X share a lot of parallels,” Cena explained, “The cast list is amazing, the Barbie cast list is amazing, the Fast X cast list is amazing.” We can’t wait for merman Cena to strap a bubble gum pink rocket launcher to the hood of Barbie’s convertible – though, knowing the doll, she might be more keen on plastic explosives.

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