The Funniest Moments from Each ‘Sopranos’ Character

The Funniest Moments from Each ‘Sopranos’ Character

The Sopranos isn’t primarily known for its side-splitting hilariousness, what with the nonstop graphic whackings and all. But the show certainly wasn’t without its occasional comedic moments. And so, to celebrate the lighter side of The Sopranos, we’ve rounded up our favorite funny scenes from each of TV’s greatest mobsters, starting with…

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Christopher Moltisanti Sticks Up a Bakery

Christopher, played by Michael Imperioli, certainly had a number of ridiculous scenes — from the time he waxed poetically about the smell of Blockbuster Video to the time he helped Janeane Garofalo and Jon Favreau film a shootout. But there's something about the pettiness in the episode where he’s ignored at the bakery and ends up robbing the clerk for a couple of cannolis, then shooting him in the foot out of spite.

Silvio Dante’s Rant About ‘Anti-Italian Discrimination’

Silvio (Steven Van Zandt) complains that the cancellation of Columbus Day is an example of “anti-Italian discrimination,” in a moment that has subsequently been immortalized as a meme, best employed in the service of complaining about Chris Pratt’s casting as Mario.

Ralph Cifaretto Becomes A Jerky Boy

Ralph suspects Paulie of squealing about him telling fat jokes about Ginny Sack. As payback, he prank calls Paulie’s mother under the guise of “Detective Mike Hunt, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania Police Department,” in the middle of the night to inform her that her son has been arrested for lewd acts with a Boy Scout and a small rodent.

Paulie Walnuts Runs Afoul of Poison Ivy

When Paulie and Christopher have to jog through the woods to take out Mikey Palmice, Paulie ends up complaining that he’s crazy-itchy after running through a patch of poison ivy. When we see him later, he has some kind of pasty white itch cream all over his face.

Junior Watches ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

Junior Soprano tunes into HBO (synergy!) and inadvertently catches an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, at which point, he immediately becomes confused at the sight of Larry David and questions: “Why am I on there?” When he sees Jeff Garlin, his existential crisis deepens further, believing him to be Bobby.

Tony Sings ‘South of the Border’

When Tony learns that his uncle is surprisingly skilled at oral sex (which Junior views as a “sign of weakness”), he relentlessly taunts him on the golf course and eventually bursts into a rendition of “South of the Border (Down Mexico Way).”

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