Not So Nice: Elon Musk Just Made the Worst 69 Joke Ever

Musk made us cringe for the 69,420th time during his war on journalism
Not So Nice: Elon Musk Just Made the Worst 69 Joke Ever

Only Elon Musk could make a beloved 4th grade joke cringe.

Twitter’s CEO and, apparently, last remaining employee has been waging a war on western news outlets by slapping them with the “state-affiliated media” tag previously reserved for publications from countries like China and Russia where major news organizations are both owned and operated by the authoritarian national government. NPR recently quit Twitter after Musk marked them with the tag, despite the fact that less than 1% of its budget comes from the federal government and Musk’s own companies, SpaceX and Tesla, receive orders of magnitude more taxpayer dollars than the radio platform that used to host Prairie Home Companion.

Yesterday, Musk, the long-time Twitter tryhard and contemporary Twitter ruiner, provoked the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation by labeling them “70% Government-Funded Media,” a descriptor they contested in a letter explaining how the organization is partially funded through parliamentary appropriation and its independence is protected by the Broadcasting Act. Following the response, the man whose humor consists entirely of “funny sex number,” “funny weed number,” and “old memes stolen from Hard Drive” retaliated in the way that only middle-schoolers and Elon Musk can muster.

The CBC has ceased its Twitter activity following the stunt, in suit with the general response of respectable organizations to Musk’s pettiness. Despite how Musk is apparently personally monitoring every major account’s reaction to his controversial policies, we doubt the CEO has noticed the halt — April 20th is in two days, he’s probably already on oxygen to mitigate excessive giggling.

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