Dana Carvey Teases ‘Wayne's World 3’ with Puppets

Party on, puppets
Dana Carvey Teases ‘Wayne's World 3’ with Puppets

Wayne’s World fans, we have good news and bad news — the good news is that Dana Carvey is one hundred percent on board to make the film series a trilogy. The bad news is that there are strings attached.

Speaking to People Magazine at the Kennedy Center this past Sunday as part of the red carpet proceedings for Adam Sandler’s Mark Twain Prize ceremony, Carvey answered a question about a beloved Saturday Night Live sketch’s spinoff film series that has been dormant for three decades with a hopeful update for Wayne’s World fans who may have been wondering what Wayne and Garth have been up to since the conclusion of Waynestock back in 1993.

According to Carvey, a third Wayne’s World film may be coming somewhere down the road — and, apparently, that road is Sesame Street.

Carvey says that he is "always game" to return to his partnership with Mike Myers, and, when asked if a third Wayne’s World film is on the horizon, he definitively replied, “Yes it is.” However, upon further questioning about the possibility of a threequel, Carvey commented, “I don't know. Maybe we'll do it in puppets. I'm not sure."

That answer reads like it could have been an off-hand joke in response to an unexpected question, but, if Carvey is serious and discussions of a puppet Wayne’s World movie are actually happening, Wayne’s World 3 will surpass Bill & Ted Face the Music as the strangest thirty-year-late third installment of a beloved rock music-focused comedy series in film history.

A puppet show sequel to a series that’s been relegated to Uber Eats ads might be a hard sell for studios, but Carvey’s been in this game a long time — he might be able to pull some strings to make it happen.

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