Sorry, But 'Wayne’s World' Sold Out A Long Time Ago

No way? Yes, way.
Sorry, But 'Wayne’s World' Sold Out A Long Time Ago

It's Super Bowl time, which means that, in addition to some sporting event, we're getting big-budget commercials in which famous actors don ill-fitting costumes in order to exhume beloved characters from the pop-culture grave all in the service of some random product you now associate with a sweatily desperate attempt to monopolize your nostalgia. This year it's Wayne and Garth from Wayne's World shilling for Uber Eats, the Noah's Arcade of food delivery services.

While some are happy to see Mike Myers and Dana Carvey back in action (and by action, we mean sitting on a filthy sofa) a lot of fans seem pretty bummed.

Part of the reason Wayne's World fans may be especially disheartened by the spot is that the original (still brilliant) movie is basically a two-hour manifesto about the pitfalls of selling out to the man, best exemplified in the product placement scene.

But Wayne's World sold out a long time ago. The original movie was released alongside a tidal wave of useless merchandise; t-shirts, books, and multiple board games, including a VCR-based game featuring Wayne and Garth, who are, conspicuously, in entirely separate rooms.

Not to mention the Super Nintendo game that found Wayne using his electric guitar to fight grotesque donut monsters.

And if you knew a kid in the '90s who owned Wayne's World on VHS, there was a solid chance that they bought it from a goddamn McDonald's.

So as much as we hate these reunion commercials (we're looking at you, Jeff Lebowski grabbing a beer with Carrie Bradshaw), it's not as though Wayne's World was some bastion of anti-commercial integrity.

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